One-to-One sessions typically last between 60-90 minutes (usually less for children). However, no two cases are ever the same, and each client will be given the time their particular condition/problem deserves. The location of the session will be in North London, N10.


Please note:

  • Treatments are never a substitute for medical or psychological advice from your own physician/practitioner.


  • Carmen's work is in support of any medical care you may already be receiving. She will never give counter medical advice.

  • Should you have any concerns, always seek the guidance of your doctor. 



It’s no exaggeration to say that this process is FAST. In a single session clients have been relieved of painful conditions they have endured for weeks, months, years. Once we are released from the dragging energy of past stories our body immediately and naturally reverts to what it is designed to do - grow, maintain, repair, self-heal. During the session - whether One-to-One or Distance - clients often experience a range of sensations including heat, cold, heaviness, weightlessness, tingling, numbness, expansion, contraction, static, waves of energy, rapid eye movement, joy, overwhelming peace and stillness. Sometimes a condition will require several treatments, but more usually, after only one or possibly two sessions many clients achieve what seems like the impossible.

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Repressing our emotions inevitably leads to mental and physical discomfort and, ultimately, dis-ease in the body. When we address underlying emotions, our body begins the natural process of healing. During the session Carmen will use various intuitive and energetic techniques to help access your imbedded stories before releasing and resolving emotions of hurt, fear, blame, shame, grief, guilt, anger, etc. This unblocks and raises the vibrational flow of energy - a more liberating, magical, way of looking at our physical and emotional presence than most of us are accustomed to. Innumerable times clients who have had years of counselling find it hard to comprehend their swift return to a balanced state of peace and well-being.

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Yes, healing over distance really does work! At the deepest of levels we are all connected. Energy exists beyond our limited human concepts of time and space. These two principles are what make remote sessions not only possible but highly effective. If you are unable to personally attend a One-to-One session, you have the opportunity to sit in the comfort of your own home and liaise with Carmen. She will listen to what you perceive as your issues as she ‘detects’ the stories in your aura that require deletion. During the process most clients convey that they can sense the effects of releasing Energy creating movement and sensations in their mind and body and even outside their body! If you doubt the magic and the power of how this universe actually works and want to hear how past clients have responded to distance healing, scroll now to the Distance Healing Testimonials.

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Audition nerves? Performance anxiety? Character block? This is a totally unique and effective approach to help you to overcome your fear of the stage, screen and script. Carmen has integrated her knowledge and experience of working with every type of performer from A-list celebrities to out-of-work actors; combining her 20+ years background in creative script-writing, script development and dialogue coaching, into the design of these sessions. She offers a tailored blend of energy psychology, story deletion and One-to-One professional script assistance to help you to raise your game and achieve your personal best with extraordinary results. Remove the story blocks getting in the way of your peak performance today!


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Carmen combines the use of Cold Lasers during each One-to-One to help relax and ease the client into a more receptive state for healing; and in addition, placing the Laser directly on specific pain sites where necessary. Cold Laser technology works by feeding our sick cells directly with electron and photon energy (like sunlight feeding plant life). This energy enhances the cells’ ability to communicate with each other and to produce ATP (Adenine Tri Phosphate) that increases cellular metabolism. This bio-chemical reaction restores balance, energy and nutrient and oxygen permeability to the cells, enabling the cells to rebuild and regenerate at accelerated speeds. Carmen discovered the existence of Cold Lasers several years ago and was so taken by their effectiveness and disappointed by the lack of accessible written material on the subject, she wrote a book about the technology.




The world deserves to be healed - one individual, one soul, one friend, one family member, one group at a time!


Would you like to host Carmen in your home or intimate venue? This is the ultimate celebration, anniversary or birthday event! Seekers of personal development and spiritual growth, this is your opportunity to involve friends, family and relatives in a dynamic learning environment to share fun, exciting, hands-on Energy techniques with your chosen group of like- or open-minded souls. Women-only groups are Carmen's speciality, but curious, open and enlightened men are always welcome!


If you are passionate about self-help and the evolution of the soul; if you would like an expansive opportunity to experience one-to-one healings in your designated personal space; if you would love to share with others information and practical ideas about how to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being in a warm, welcoming, informal setting - then let’s talk!

Please contact Carmen via the Contact Form and she will get back to you with further details.



Join Carmen's Free Distance Healing Facebook group to connect remotely and combine energies with other healing participants around the world, all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose. You could be in the UK or the other side of the globe, it really doesn't matter, as long as you're ready to take part at the equivalent GMT (or make the Intention to connect before you fall asleep). Though the healing effects are different for every individual, these monthly half hour sessions unwind tension energetically on all levels - emotional, mental and physical. How does it work? Our human concept of time and space is a man-made illusion to control and make sense of our world! There really is no concept of Separation in the Quantum dimensions of this magical universe! Trust in the world-wide testimonials that speak to the Truth of this. 

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a practical and unique blend of physical tapping and psycho-affirmations using the principles of Quantum Energy. A powerful and dynamic tool, EFT is used to uncover and remove the often subconscious programming that limits our human potential, bringing about speedy results and lasting change in behavior. Carmen has over 8 years experience in the corporate world as a Human Resources Manager whose role it was to design a wide range of communication resources from the company newsletter, to training packs for consultants working in the corporate field, to video scripts for leading-edge corporate clients. Carmen is also a qualified practitioner and can deliver EFT-based mentoring sessions to individuals who wish to meet targets and achieve their personal best; or facilitate group exercises to exponentially improve team-building, goal-setting, performance and communication skills for immediate and effective solutions to everyday problems.


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