How many of these do you score?🤩 Do you often/constantly... 1. Bite back your words? 2. Suffer in silence? 3. Cry alone? 4. Clamp down on anger? 5. Mask your fear? 6. Worry about other people’s opinion of you? 7. Automatically do what you’re told? 8. Adopt the beliefs of your ‘betters’? 9. Take your lead from the status quo? 10. Accept everything the media tells you? 11. Obsess and worry about the news? 12. Follow the latest fashion trends? 13. Feel too quirky, too weird, too ‘different’ for this world? 14. Worry about following rules and protocol and getting things ‘right’? 15. Hurt others because they hurt you? 16. Defer to those who seem more intelligent or worldly? 17. Judge and critic


After a session when there is miraculous healing of pain, sometimes there is a seeming setback when the pain ‘RETURNS.’ 😩 Chronic physical pain is often the sign of years upon years of build-up of underlying emotional pain. When the first Energetic layer is removed, physical relief might be followed by deeper layers of Story revealing itself. But the ‘return’ of pain is never what it seems. There is always a subtle variation; an indication that you are experiencing a different aspect of the same physical problem: the process of the body healing itself. 😖 It may have taken decades to manifest your condition, and many years of being on pain relief medication. Be patient. If it takes another

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