Can you not see that you are loved? When explorers such as Cook and Columbus sailed onto the shores of the New Worlds it is cited that their big ships were at first ‘invisible ‘ to the natives. The explanation is that huge ships were entirely outside of the scope of the natives’ human experience; they had no other reference upon which to hang such an alien image. In other words, the natives were not neurologically wired to ‘see’ what they were seeing. 🚢 We can extend this reference in our own lives: if happiness or abundance or self-acceptance is outside of our personal experience, our perception of the world will be shaped/skewed to miss the cues of what actually surrounds us. We will fi


We all feel some sense of relief when we can share or open up about our problems; even more so when we are engaged in a therapeutic exchange. But when it comes to deep and speedy healing, discussion alone can never be enough. 🗣 Over the years a number of clients have sought my help after weeks/months of receiving treatment at that prestigious institute, The Priory. After only a session or two they saw changes and experienced relief they never could have imagined. How? 🗣 Trauma is always encoded in the BODY. Our subconscious is the gatekeeper to accessing that trauma. It doesn’t matter how many times the conscious mind seeks and pleads and begs for help, if the subconscious believes that i


After a (London to Belgium) Skype session she reported that her symptoms had intensified. I reassured her that this was just her body processing the healing, however, she made an appointment to come to London for a One-to-One. By the time of her appointment, a week later, she reported that the pains had eventually stopped after 3 days. In fact, after 7 long years of regular intense pains, she had felt no pain at all. And then this, a week after the One-to-One. 🙏🏾 Allow Miracles!

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