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“Dearest Carmen, Thank you once again for your beautiful Healing. I felt gentle waves through my body as I lay in bed resting. So grateful to you.”

“Thank you. Here's what I felt/ experienced: Tight Throat; Huge deep breathing then it calmed; Throbbing in my body; Memory of the girl who stole my first boyfriend from me at 14 ( who is still my friend and she's just lovely); Feet running out a front door; Memory of being broken into while I was in the house at 15/16 years old; Bright sunshine colours behind my eyes towards end. Drifted off then heard my son.”

“Thank you Carmen again for including me in the healing this morning. I feel a sense of calmness and grounding. I'm so thankful to know you and to experience your incredible gift. I'm so appreciative thank you again.”

“I found yesterday's session very intense . To the point I stopped and 'woke up' at about 8:20. I then continued. I started with almost a choking sensation and then I was in real pain around my hips and 'seeing' a lot of red colours. I was lying down so I don't think it was my posture. It was quite disturbing! Eventually the colours turned blue and were moving across to the right. ( last session the colours all shifted to the left). After the session I had a look at a Chakra chart and saw that the Root Chakra in that zone was associated with the colour red! Not sure whether I was working on that particular Chakra or clearing someone else's hip pain! Not sure what it all means but hopefully it's doing some good!”

“Hello Carmen, Forgot to thank you y'day. I feel amazing! Thank you so much and be blessed for the kindness you extend to me and others.”

“Enjoyed this mornings healing from Madrid. Fell asleep after the healing. Feeling very chilled and positive energy throughout the day. Thanks as always Carmen x

“Always feel calmer and more at ease afterwards. Thank you Carmen.”

“Good morning Carmen and thank you for today's healing. I actually slept right through it and woke feeling very energised. I got up and ate breakfast, fed the animals and started on some housework, but am now feeling rather sluggish. Not sure if I was maybe just a little too energetic too quickly or whether it's just that I am still not physically up to doing as much as I used to, because a lot of my energy is still being used to heal my body after the operation I had before Christmas. Your healing sessions do always both energise and relax me, so it is nice to be able to participate in them. Thank you again for what you give to us all.”

“I love the distance healing and this time was a lovely as each time before. Thank you so so much.”

“Five stars.”

“Thank you Carmen, had that calm, serene feeling all day. Now I've understood the theme behind the healing I'm especially grateful xxx.”

“Thank you very much for the healing session on Sunday morning. It was lovely as ever and very good to 'see' you too.”

“I woke an hour before the healing. I had a hope that this time I wouldn't fall asleep. I even had an early night to avoid this! When the time came I lay on my back and cleared my mind. I felt a vibration wash through me. From my chest I felt it right through my body. I lay noticing stillness around me, I felt a light around me which made me cold. I covered my body and lay there. I then woke up at 9:15. When I woke I felt a sense of hope, peace and enlightenment. Thank you Carmen.”

“It's now 4.24 am in the morning in Madrid and I went to stretch out my legs and suddenly I thought something is not right ,could not think what it was until I realised that I was not feeling any pain and put 2 and 2 together - It must have been the healing. Arrived here Friday went for a walk on Saturday and my sciatica was unbearable. I am pain free at this moment and grateful. I wish you good morning Sister I am going to have a glass of wine to celebrate because this horrendous pain was about 14 out of 10 for the last 2 weeks.... I forgot to mention I am here with X and she was complaining about back pain on Saturday and I did not hear her complain once yesterday. We were so chilled we fell asleep without drinking our wine and our snacks.”

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