Why aren’t prisons places where inmates are sentenced to bombardments of Pure LOVE? Common-sense, Heart-sense, tells us that Love is the universal Solvent. It may not always happen overnight, but Unconditional Love will eventually dissolve all granite emotions of Fear, Hatred, Anger. Whether we are the Abuser or the Abused, are we not all crying out for the vibration of Love? So, why do prisons assault the incarcerated with the exact opposite? Why is War always the only solution towards Peace of any kind? Because we are of the erroneous mindset that we ourselves Need Love in order to Receive Love or to Give Love. This personal or societal perception of deficit explains why the prison well is so dry and empty. When in truth, nothing can take away that which we already are. We were born Love. We ARE Love. We constantly need reminding of this Fact. But don’t rely on ‘the System’ to jog your memory. The System’s sole preoccupation is to keep us imprisoned in the negative pole to Love: the penitentiary of Fear. Whilst the prisoner may be captive behind physical bars; our bars are of the mental kind. In the words of that great warden of Love: ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can Free our minds.’ Take this as a cosmic reminder for the season. Over and out.

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