Can you not see that you are loved? When explorers such as Cook and Columbus sailed onto the shores of the New Worlds it is cited that their big ships were at first ‘invisible ‘ to the natives. The explanation is that huge ships were entirely outside of the scope of the natives’ human experience; they had no other reference upon which to hang such an alien image. In other words, the natives were not neurologically wired to ‘see’ what they were seeing. 🚢 We can extend this reference in our own lives: if happiness or abundance or self-acceptance is outside of our personal experience, our perception of the world will be shaped/skewed to miss the cues of what actually surrounds us. We will filter out all the value that is already in our lives that we have to be grateful for; we will overlook the chances, opportunities and lucky breaks that continually come our way; we will be blind to the sources of love and acceptance existing among family, friends, and even strangers. 🚢 When we are hardwired, (because of harsh past experiences) for negativity and victimhood and hopelessness, it will be almost impossible to see the evidence in plain sight that we are eternally Loved and supported. In other words, we cannot achieve what we cannot first perceive! But the moment the brain’s neural pathways begin to accommodate new visions of the world, our reality and our life will change accordingly!💛 

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