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In the Hammam in the old town, Richard had a funny turn. His heartbeat was speeding up and he was finding the atmosphere oppressive and unbearable. But instead of escaping the scene (though this was always an option as he does have hypertension) he accepted the opportunity for Clearing, Neutralising and Deleting the uncomfortable feelings. Where were they coming from? 😨 I detected that the root wasn’t any experience in this life, and neither was it an Energy inherited from either of his parents. The only other source had to be Past Life. By exploring his Energetic field (our Aura is simply a field of photonic Information) I detected and cleared several past life unresolved Stories to do with suffocation, drowning and smothering that were being triggered by the dense steamy heat. Pretty soon his heart rate slowed down, he became calmer and no longer felt like escape was his only option. 😰 He emerged from the Hammam experience feeling cleansed not only bodily, but also emotionally and mentally. This morning upon waking he commented that he didn’t have his normal throat and cough issues and throughout the day he didn’t notice his usual random flutters of palpitation. 😰 This was a great example of employing Energetic principles in everyday life - turning what could be a crisis into an opportunity for eliminating Stories that no longer serve us. #hammam #pastlife #energy #story #stories #unresolvedpast #clearing #deleting #neutralising #blockages #suffocation #smothering #drowning #energetic #energetics 

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