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Heal Your Story

Is your Story at the root of your pain and suffering?

What's your Story?

We all carry a Story, from the most memorable experiences to those hidden memories deep in our subconscious.
Our Story can either serve or sabotage all areas of our life without us even knowing it.

∘  Health

∘  Relationships

∘ Finances

Do you want freedom from your Story?

 To become the person you were always meant to be?


Hello, I'm Carmen.

I know more than most people about the power of stories. I began my career as a professional creative writer for over 20 years working in the world of stage, radio, children’s books and television, before becoming a Healing Facilitator.

My journey brought me to a place where I learned to separate the Truth of who I Am from the fiction of my stories.

I am now certified and non-certified in many different modalities: Quantum Touch, Emotion Code, Bio-Energy Healing, Quantum
Entrainment, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Star Magic and EFT to name just a few.

My signature method is my use of intuition and my ability to sense and manipulate the human energy field (aura).

The ability to create stories in our mind is what sets humans apart from the animal kingdom

Story and Disease

Story-telling is as ancient as humankind. From our first breath to our last we are gathering stories.
Whether it's a traumatic birth, the abandonment of being sent to boarding school, or your first heartbreak.
Stories are a powerful thing. They affect us in a plethora of ways, causing painful regrets and negative beliefs that hinder our everyday lives and energy-sapping fears about our future.

The ability to create stories in our mind is what sets humans apart from the animal kingdom.

The Deer & The Tiger

A deer is chased by a tiger. During the adrenaline-fuelled pursuit the deer is in a heightened state of stress.
The moment the danger is over,  the deer gently dip its head and calmly returns to grazing.
As though the previous moments had never happened.

A human is chased by a tiger. During the heart-thumping pursuit the human’s flight is driven by an overwhelming fear of death. The moment the danger is over, what does the human do? Firstly, eating is totally out of the question. We humans have an insatiable need to dissect and give meaning to the events of our life. We write stories; formulating ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world at large. "I am such an unlucky person, I am so careless, I am a victim, I am terrified of open spaces, I am helpless and vulnerable in this unpredictable and dangerous world." These traumas burrow deep in our psyche either consciously or unconsciously, littering our environment like mines, and triggering the Fight, Flight or Freeze response. The sight of striped wallpaper, the sound of rustling leaves or the smell of damp earth can be all it takes to cause our heart to thump, our shoulders to tense, our mouth to go dry and our stomach to cramp. The result of of these reactions being ignored over years leads to accumulative dis-ease such as depression, arthritis, PTSD, ulcer, phobia, panic attacks, migraines, sciatica, cancer etc. - affecting our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Simply talking emotionally about our stories (those we can access that are not repressed deep in our subconscious), does little to change our lives. We need to actively shift, transform, dissolve and delete these falsehoods from the past that have the power to govern and wreak havoc upon our sense of wellbeing. Hence, this is not a talking therapy. The session will be different to anything you have experienced before.

Your Story

Ever wondered why the sight of a dog makes you tense all over? Or perhaps the taste of an orange brings you out in hives? Why the scent of roses makes you feel heavy-hearted?

At the heart of our collected stories is an emotion – good, bad, indifferent. Our 'bad' stories don’t have to be huge or dramatic to cause harm; often a story from the past may appear deceptively benign. Getting lost from a parent in public for minutes as a child, may not seem equivalent to being involved in a car crash, but stories are not for making comparisons. Whether or not our story has been repressed by our subconscious, we always 'feel' its presence in our body. What is critical is that we heal those stories that have caused trauma. It is the FEELING that our stories brought up when we first experienced them that matters… and what became of the anger, shame, fear, sadness, terror, grief, hopelessness, etc. Heightened emotions pass when we are allowed to process our given situation. But all too often we are forced to bottle up our feelings and never given the chance to express ourselves. We have all experienced some degree of unsatisfied, thwarted or denied emotions at a young age; or we may not have had the language to articulate our feelings at all because of abusive or unavailable parents, or religious or cultural doctrines to be docile and quiet. Perhaps we were never taught or allowed to ask for help; or maybe we were overwhelmed and confused by our chaotic home lives. “Issues in your tissues” – these aspects of our primary life usually remain buried in our cells, causing us to be forever on the alert for the next threat. When this happens we recycle the exact same emotions as the first time. This is a negative spiral that takes its toll on all aspects of our being until, finally, hopefully, the story is resolved.

My Story

My own personal story began with intense feelings of detachment from the world and alienation from others around me.

From my sickly mother who died the week of my 13th birthday I inherited the story that I, too, was physically weak and threatened by early death.

From my colonial, man-of-few-words father, I adopted the story that it was not safe to show my talents, that I should be cautious in life and invisible in the world. Various incidents during my upbringing reinforced these stories. From these beginnings, my path through life was a difficult one, full of obstacles and pain and suffering. These stories caused poverty, shyness, isolation and ill-health. You can read all about my journey in my book - how I eventually learned to separate the Truth of who I Am from the fiction of my stories. Warning: magic is involved!


My Work In Action

Bobby Womack

American Singer-Songwriter

"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed Carmen wasn’t holding and pumping my left foot … when both her hands were positioned around my upper body."


Ex - Nurse

"This is SO beautiful."

Sarah came with lower back pain due to a 'chronic' disc issue. Despite being on pain-relief medication for 8 months her pain was still 7/10.  After a 90 minute session she had no pain - at all!

Try For Yourself - Right now

Together we'll take the sting out of whatever fear, anger, sadness you are suffering now - FAST.

Abby Bennett

YouTube Subscriber

"This made me feel lighter immediately. What a comfort and valuable tool, a net, to catch us and bounce us back to our whole selves. Thank you Carmen Harris for your selflessness and your healing talents. Beautifying the world."

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What I Offer

It’s no exaggeration to say that this process is FAST. In a single session clients have been relieved of painful conditions they have endured for weeks, months and years. Once we are released from the dragging energy of past stories our body immediately and naturally reverts to what it is designed to do - grow, maintain, repair, self-heal.

During the session - whether One to One or Distance - clients often experience a range of sensations including heat, cold, heaviness, weightlessness, tingling, numbness, expansion, contraction, static, waves of energy, rapid eye movement, joy, overwhelming peace and stillness.

Sometimes a condition will require several treatments, but more usually, after only one or possibly two sessions many clients achieve what seems like the impossible.

Healing Holograms

‘Everything is Energy, Frequency, Vibration’ - Nikola Tesla


Serotonin Enhancer

Parasite Buster.jpg

Parasite Buster

What are Holo's

Energy Frequency technology invented by King John ‘Smarty’ Mendez. Frequencies create an energy field around/in whatever they’re placed in/on. These creations might be perceived as simply beautiful symbols, but don’t be deceived. They work in the etheric realm, manifesting into physical reality.
Holo’s can be infused with a single frequency or a compilation of many different frequencies (‘Holo cocktail’).

Create your own FREE Holo’s. All the information you need is here for free downloads

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