Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows

(Allow it!)

A selection of 5* Amazon reviews

“Really addictive… amazing advice in the Handbook… ordered a copy for my sister too”


“I know this book is going to be a lifetime companion on my spiritual journey!”


“What a wonderful book to experience.” 


“This book should be mandatory to help the individual be all they can be. It's beautifully written and works as an anti-depressant without side effects.”


“Her message is clear, strong and filled with love for humanity. Be entertained, be lifted.”


“Upset the book has come to an end.”

~ 2018 FINALIST Wishing Book Awards ~

“If life is feeling like a struggle Carmen has given you a gift of a great guide back into the light.”


“You killed it, hit the nail on the head in every aspect. Your book really touched a raw nerve within me.”


“An extraordinary, life-changing book that has helped to transform my life in unimaginable ways.”


“An absolute inspiration and reinforcement of the Truth of who we are.”


“Absolutely fantastic - not your usual self-help book.”


“100% recommended reading.” 


Dear Friend, Escape your Poverty Consciousness Box

“Incredible book, very insightful. Thank you.”  

“I have been told that my new flat will be ready for me next week (after delays of MONTHS). And this is happening while I am reading your poverty consciousness book!” 

“Amazing book that is incredibly inspiring and easy to understand. Within a few pages, I got to the root cause of my 'stinking thinking' that has been holding me back. I love the exercises!!! This book is incredibly powerful and the tasks are easy to do on your own. Actually, I cried doing the exercise about my money story, the tasks got right to the core of the matter and the truth that was revealed makes absolute sense. This book is worth every penny. In addition, I have been fortunate to meet Carmen in the flesh and she is even more powerful.” 


Mindful Soul

Soulful Mind

“I particularly like the contribution from Carmen Harris - Pearl Earrings, Bobby Womack and Magic. I think many people will have experienced that flash of awe when some coincidentally and miraculous occurrence happens – the moment when you know something magical has just happened…… then our reasoning logical mind kicks in and tries to find logical reasons to answer the unexplainable.”


Cold Laser Technology & Frequency Healing

“A very interesting book on a little known subject. A joy to read.”


“Much more information than I expected. Easy to read and understand.”


“Lots of very useful information. Too good to pass on.”

"This book has been an amazing tool in using Cold Laser Technology. I can refer to this book for any frequency that I need. Thank you Carmen"

"Great book."

"I enjoyed reading this book, and all the codes are very handy."

"This book is brilliant! A must-read for anyone considering making use of cold laser technology. Every possible question that I had, the book had the answer. Let the healing begin!"


"Brilliant book, very informative."


"This book was informative and helpful."

“Harris has put together a very interesting book on a little known subject. A joy to read. Her 25 years as a professional script writer shows. Every word makes sense to me. I am keen to learn more about this device. Carmen has introduced me to a 23rd century healing tool. Beam me up Scotty!”