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Light and Shadow


M.B - Producer


Carmen you are truly special, your humility, integrity and the love you share is so so so refreshing. In my many years of personal development I have not experienced the quantum shift so immediately as I have experienced with you. Yes, we are all healers, but not all have access to their gift and can share that gift as unconditionally as Carmen does. Carmen is truly a rarity in a world cluttered with psuedo healers. Carmen is the real deal!!!!!



I want to take this time to thank you for the healing! I have noticed a considerable difference to my well-being, my self-esteem, my whole life, since meeting you last year. I have been able to say I truly mean it when I say I am feeling good, and I have felt this change since the dawning of 2010, and others can see the difference in me! Thank you so much for your intervention!

M.B - Producer/Director

New York

Can you believe that it took just one session with Carmen. She peeled away in that one instance all the crusty layers of experience that had had me blocked to the point of deep stagnation. From that moment onward my life has been unfolding in the most magical and magnificent of ways. I am clear and without a shadow of a doubt that Carmen is being used as a channel for the greatest good in this world. She has touched my spirit and my life in the profoundest way. Her work is so deep that it unfolds over time – not a one shot slam bam and thank you mam kind of thing. Hers is an immeasurable commitment to greatest potential in all beings; to generosity and to love – simply, she heals. From the depths of my heart I thank you Carmen and I pray for your continued ability to touch many more lives as your have touched mine. Love, Peace, Abundance and many Blessings.

L.D - Lawyer

Naples, Italy

I became an anxious person after my mother’s illness. I usually transferred my anxiety to my stomach. During the session with Carmen, I felt the energy in her hands. It was as if it was moving the fluids inside my head! Afterwards, I felt so confused. It was as if I was just waking up after a strange dream. But since then, as a result of the session, for the first time in my life I am able to experience transcendental meditation and feel the sensation of being in another place, other than my body. This has allowed me to control any feelings of anxiety. Whenever I feel myself becoming anxious, I allow my body and my mind to send it away. It has been amazing.

M.R - Lawyer


After our session I felt exhausted, I wanted to go to bed about 8 pm but I had to stay awake to deal with the boys etc. So anyway, I went to bed around 10 pm and slept right through although I woke up quite early around 5 am. Today a similar thing happened but I would say it was related to my husband because I felt him get up and get ready for work. So I reckon I would have slept in normally otherwise. The other good news is that my heart beat was restored to normal since I lay down on your table. That is such a relief. I still get a bit panicky [+insomnia] but I'm able to calm myself down. I wasn't able to do this before because of my heart racing ran too deep. I feel much lighter. I don't have a heavy heart dragging me around, I feel I have been released. I have no idea what exactly you did, it still remains a mystery but I don't care! I'm just incredibly thankful to you for helping me because I have been banging my head against my own little prison cell with no feeling of escape for so long. Thank you so much, Carmen. I'm still coming to terms with this new feeling, it's odd but in a good way. It just took me by surprise because I didn't know this is how it would work. You're really wonderful, Carmen. Big kiss and hug xxxx

M.K - Artist


I think the last time I saw you I was the most broken I have ever felt in my entire life. My heart was breaking, my back was killing me, my soul felt like it had disappeared. I was angry beyond anything I've ever felt, with the surgeon, with the whole system, with life. My mojo was completely whacked. 3 hours we spent together. Things happened I cannot even put into words, sensations and feelings rushing through my body. Negative bad energy pouring out of my eyes. You opened even more amazing cosmic doors and I left with my soul shinning brighter than ever. Removing the labels and reprogramming of my brain gave me back my mojo and I've been glowing ever since. I love you from the brightest part of my soul.

B.S - Teacher


Dear Carmen, thank you again for an amazing healing session. I was surprised to experience how quickly I could bring out a past experience that has been the cause of blocking my life and potential for so long. I felt a deep sense of strength and freedom after the treatment as if my life is now finally on track .... and that it is simply a matter of getting on with it! The fear has been replaced by a sense of excitement. With much gratitude.



Hi Carmen . Hope you are well. I've been trying to see whether there are any changes but I haven't been able to much. BUT I feel or maybe just somehow know something has changed - but not something visible for now - from before. Sorry, that probably doesn't make sense but I just feel I need to thank you. And I would really like to see you again. I can't specifically explain why but it's just my gut feeling that it's something that I should and need to do. As soon as I'm able I'll be in touch. S.A.

Y.M - Law Student


Dear Carmen, your work is better than you make it out to be. I shall recommend you if ever I know of anyone who needs healing. You are quite good at picking things up without being told. You are definitely up there with the best healers. What I have is not like ABC, it take some effort and I thank you for the work that you did. God bless and keep you.

R.Y - Hotel Manager


You are amazing!! You did a few transformations in my life in the past 6 years. I prefer to see you as Carmen Harris instead of doctor; you are my friend and therapist and coach and sister. And it's only one of you who is this good in your field of work! My son thinks very highly of you too. Love and blessings xxx

E.M - Lawyer


Just to say, so far so good following the last session. I felt v good and kind of light the following day and my hands seem rather steady... Gosh, you may be my miracle maker. I am quietly almost excited and have recommended your talents to a colleague.

B.W - Lawyer


It's been a week and a day and I feel great. I feel more calm, more relaxed, exactly how I said I wanted to feel when you asked me. As usual I cannot thank you enough.

S.R - Educationalist


On the two occasions I have seen Carmen, she has shown herself to be an advanced practitioner who performs her work with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I felt the benefits of her work immediately and continue to use what I have learnt on a daily basis to clear away stagnant emotional barriers. Carmen has a natural ability to heal, which she complements with a high level of learning and dedication to helping others. She has certainly helped me to evolve spiritually and I look forward to working with her in the future.

D.D - Computer Systems Engineer


I had been experiencing dizzy spells for several weeks. Although when they happened, the episodes lasted only for a few seconds, I was becoming increasingly disorientated, expending a lot of mental energy just to stay upright. I was suffering in silence, hoping that the issue would pass. One session with Carmen and two weeks later, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not experienced any more dizzy spells! Thank you Carmen, for sharing your energy and healing to help a problem that was causing me serious concern.

H.F - Human Rights Lawyer


I feel so grateful for the work I'm doing with Carmen. After my first session, I felt a tangible improvement in my levels of stress and anxiety, which had been a serious source of discomfort. The next day, I noticed that my body was detoxing and I felt much lighter and cleaner, physically and energetically. The effects of the session were confirmed several days later, when I had a conversation with my mother that would have normally put me right back in my reactive, child self. For the first time, I was able to stay grounded in my own feelings - a major milestone for me. During the second session, we went deeper on the same issues, and I have once again come away with the feeling that the work I'm doing with Carmen is having profound effects on my life. I feel that I am finally able to start leaving years of pain, grief and sadness behind and start taking steps toward the person that I want to be. Thank you, Carmen!

L.C - Executive PA


Before I came to see you, I was overwhelmed by tiredness but I knew that regardless of how much I slept I would always feel the same. Today I decided to let my body rest as much as it needed, but after your healing session yesterday, I couldn't stay in bed. I cleaned my bathroom which was a disgrace, and spent an hour with my neighbour sharing a glass of wine and gossiping. Neither of these activities would have been possible before I saw you. Honestly, Carmen, I was paralysed which was really pathetic, but you have released it. You allowed me to let go of something that my conscious mind knew, but until you tapped into the unconscious mind, it was never going to stick. I've got it now, and I'm truly grateful. I'll be sticking close by though, because I believe you are the route to my enlightenment. Thank you so much....



I came to see you on Wednesday 8th with an extremely congested mind. It was an exceptional experience followed by a few days of melancholy. Once this feeling had passed, I felt grounded, calm and a strange sense of liberation. Never in a million years did I expect to feel the peace that I have with me now. I'm clearer and have found acceptance in many forms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have an extraordinary gift.

P.S - Civil Servant


Dear Carmen, I asked you to see me because my fears of failing [my exams] again were as high and as dense as rocks surrounding me in all directions. A few days after our meeting, for the first time in years, I could look back and feel that I have never actually really failed, and things seem to make sense."

[Yes, after the session, she finally passed her exam!!]

K.M - Lawyer


Thank you for the session - I feel a lot lighter and that choking feeling is gone. I feel much much better.

S.S - Social Worker


It was like an awakening!



Thank you once again for the [stress] treatment you gave me. It was incredible, and I have never experienced anything like it in my life! You truly are a talent and I have been singing your praises to everyone I talk to.

D.D - IT


I feel lighter of head focused can see clearer better sense of purpose more drive plus a feeling of positive stuff going on in my head but cannot nail it down not bothered though think I'm evolving 😀 many thanks again xx



I feel you've been healing me or something odd is going on. You've done something to me. I feel weird Carmen. I think I'm supposed to say thank you. I understand you have many people to help so I'm very grateful. I feel calm for some reason. xx

R.T - Production


Hey Carmen, that session worked really well! I'm not as nervous, I have more confidence and I'm a lot calmer when driving! Thank you!!

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