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Michael Knight

The second session was even more intense than the first. My ribs were tender to the touch and my stomach ached and made incredible noises easily heard from outside my body. I managed to put the past into a place where I know where it is but it doesn't affect my energy or torment me, where it is only a memory not a feeling. I'm allowed to let go of all that angry, disappointed, fearful negative, severe mental torture. The strangest feeling was, I almost skipped out of the house.

Nicole Slack Jones

It's not easy to put into only a few words about a friend who is so inspiring and magical. Carmen is such an amazing person! I must say she knows how to help you to reach your inner self. She's so genuine and pure. Most of all she is a great healer! I'm grateful to know her and to have had wonderful healing sessions with her. What a life changing experience.

Sam Waiswa_edited.jpg

Sam Waiswa

After I lost my dad, a lot of negative things followed and I fell into a deep depression. Even though I was advised a couple of times to take medication, I refused. I remember the first time I went to see Carmen, I had hardly had a smile on my face, but after a one hour session, I was laughing and I couldn't tell why but later I realised that it was the joy of hope that I got after that healing. And since then, my life has got better and better.

Kathleen Granados

It was very different from anything I have ever experienced. There was a lot of deleting of past issues. Nutrition came up as an issue and this was not one that I mentioned. I immediately started the diet that has taken me 12 months to start. I have for sure lost at least half a stone since and continue with a new way of eating. Regarding my finger, the hole was big. Again, not sure how she did it but I literally felt like she was stitching it! I actually noticed a difference the next morning.


Donald Davies

Carmen has treated me for various physical problems as well as issues I cannot think of one word for - spirit/life/emotional/health balance. The procedure is non-invasive. For me, it felt like someone blowing cold air on me. I am naturally skeptical and have no tolerance for BS, so when I say that Carmen is the real deal and has healed me many times it’s the highest accolade I can give. She rocks!

SARA ELLIS_edited.jpg

Sara Ellis

For a long time I carried an unresolved issue around. I tried different healing modalities with varying degrees of success only to have it return sooner or later. Carmen had a remarkable intuition around the problem and after my sessions with her the issue was gone permanently. I often recommend people to Carmen and they achieve similar results.

Aurélie Gibaru

I fell and twisted my left foot very badly. It was really hard for me to walk normally and I couldn’t run or jump. I tried many therapies, but nothing really helped. I had a single session with Carmen, she used her magic and the pain went immediately. She didn’t even touch me! Since then I’ve been pain-free and happy!

 Lyn Corrie.jpg

Lyn Corrie

I was an emotional wreck and no amount of sleeping would take away the tiredness.  I booked an appointment completely oblivious about what was to follow.  After months of lethargy and definitely a low depression, the cloud lifted overnight.  It was nothing short of a miracle and everything became possible again.  If you can find a Carmen in your life, you are extremely blessed.  I believe she’s a one off.


Daniel Kemmler

I hurt my shoulder in a skiing accident and had been unable to go swimming. My girlfriend suggested that I see Carmen. Though I was convinced that the pain was related to nothing more than having had a nasty fall, Carmen insisted it was a blockage in my energy system. I still can't claim to totally understand what this all means, but sure enough, Carmen located an incident prior to the skiing accident that had 'lodged' in my shoulder. When this was released, the pain evaporated like magic. I resumed my swimming and go regularly, up to 3 times a week.


Tiffany Mancini-Tucker

For the past four years I have suffered from constipation. On average I would go to the toilet once a week and even sometimes not for up to two weeks. I would often get stomach cramps and feel sick whilst eating. Carmen did some healing on my stomach and also convinced me to try the Laser on my abdomen. A day later I was able to go to the toilet!!! I am now able to go to the toilet every 1-2 days and my stomach cramps have now stopped. Thank you so much, Carmen.

SARAH TONRY_edited.jpg

Sarah Tonry

I met Carmen 21 years ago. Over this time she has become my friend, my healer and my teacher.

This journey we have shared (and continue to share) is profound and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful soul to guide me. I often go and have an 'MOT' with Carmen and always come away further along my path.


Ruslana Yarmolyuk

I feel great, more energy and smiling more often because of you!!! Can't thank you enough for it.

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