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Light and Shadow




Thought I would update you on how I'm feeling after yesterday afternoons session. First of all, I have been totally pain free - both in the neck and back!  Last night, when normally I would have felt the strain from the day, I was very comfortable and this morning hopped out of bed without any problem and I haven't been able to do that for a long time.  I slept very early last night and have been yawning all throughout today! The feeling of calm and quiet has stayed with me.  I am so thankful for our session yesterday.  It's incredible.

S.B - Yoga Teacher


As you know you were ‘a last resort’!  I came to you after having tried numerous techniques and remedies as well as conventional medicine in an attempt to get rid of severe abdominal discomfort which I have had for over three months.  I was frustrated and down as nothing seemed to work and when I came to you I had no expectations.  I found the healing session very relaxing and whilst I experienced extraordinary imagery, I didn’t feel much change and was still experiencing discomfort. I did however, leave you feeling calm, centred and relaxed.  By  evening, all discomfort had dissipated much to my surprise and I had the most wonderful deep sleep.   As I write to you, I continue to feel well and am truly grateful for the healing session I had with you.



I can highly recommend Carmen, a gifted and generous healer who truly listens.Before the treatment I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect but I felt in very safe hands throughout with Carmen. During the treatment I relaxed so much I was falling asleep (I've been having difficulty sleeping and when I got back home I slept for hours!) I also felt lots of subtle changes in my body; like bubbles coming up to the surface and releasing. At the end of the treatment Carmen asked me to stand up and that's when I felt as if an ice-cold wall of water had washed down my back like a waterfall. Afterwards I felt lighter on my feet, and my foot pain had eased & over the week it had completely gone. Also my eyes and face which had previously looked very tired became brighter and I noticed I was breathing much more easily. People have since remarked on how well I'm looking.

C.L - Lecturer/Director


I am feeling very, very, different. And a deep sense of gratitude for our work today. Today I had a very important experience - an energy healing with Carmen. I did not know what to expect. I had done some EFT (emotional freedom technique) with Carmen, but what happened today was profound and powerful. My knee pain, which does enable walking between buses and tubes, had been getting worse. My right hip had even started to play up. For a long while, I had very stressful feelings of rage and fear that were threatening to interfere with my creative work, and have been making my knee and hip pain worse. What happened today was a revelation. Carmen's work deleted core emotional causes. The inter-generational causes inside my physical and emotional challenges were addressed head-on. I feel as if significant burdens have been removed. Keeping aligned now is my job, but I know where that line and that connection to myself is. I am now clearer about how to address physiological matters with my knees. Thank you Carmen - I am on the road to healing.

J.L - Book Retailer


Having come to you, highly recommended by a friend, it's the best decision I have made in a long time. I have problems with my back and every now and then the pain gets so bad I can hardly walk. My body gets totally twisted and all I want to do is bury myself under the duvet. When my friend suggested I see Carmen, I decided to give it a go. I wasn't holding out much hope, but I decided to go with an open mind as my friend had said such wonderful things about the healing. I limped into Carmen's house. After the 1.5 hour treatment, I floated out! That was Monday 26th April 2010. Today I travelled four hours on the coach to Bradford and no-one can believe how straight and happy and pain-free I am! Thank you Carmen - I've already recommended you to friends.

A.L-C - TV Producer


My leg is so much better.  I have physio on Friday so I'll see what she says but I can walk now. I can feel that I need to build up muscle but compared to how it was... Wow!  [A WEEK LATER...]  My symptoms were acute hip pain due to a problematic childbirth and possibly caused by having my legs in stirrups.  I couldn't walk without a stick and couldn't straighten my back.  During the session, I felt the pain move down my leg from my hip as if it was being heavily pushed on.  Throughout the session I had various other sensations and emotions following my trauma throughout my body.  During the healing I felt like my body was spinning above the bed and I developed pins and needles in my ears which is a sensation I have never felt before.  A few hours after the session I had flashbacks of my trauma and a strong emotional outpour which was a helpful release. The emotions eased off after a few days and my leg is no longer hurting, it is just weak from not being used properly.  I am building it up with walking.  I had a 30 minute walk yesterday with no pain at all.


B, an 80 year old pensioner and neighbour came to see me about lower back pain that had plagued him for the past 2 years. He said he found great difficulty stooping, walking up the hill and cutting his toenails. As he sat on the sofa he rated the pain 7 out of 10, often increasing to 9 out of 10. After a 70 minute session, he was able to reach towards his toes and stoop to pick up his keys on the floor with no pain at all! When I waved him goodbye I watched him as he began to make his way up the steep hill outside my house and he still reported no pain!


G complained of a bladder pain and having to urinate frequently. She'd been experiencing this for about a week and suspected an infection, but her GP couldn't see her for nearly another week. At the end of the session G commented that the pain had completely gone! I saw her the following week and she said that she was still without pain and that her urine test had come back clear. Whatever infection she may have had had now gone.


C, age 40, complained of a back pain that she’d had since she was a little girl and put into a back brace for scoliosis of the spine. I asked her to rate the pain but she said she’d lived with it for so long, she wouldn’t know how to. I asked her to rate the pain on the back of her hand. She looked quizzically at me and replied ‘Zeros?’ I told her to use that as her base-line for rating her back pain. She said it was 5, but constant. I also asked her whether she could touch her toes. She said she hadn’t been able to do that since she was 12. After a hands-on session that took approximately 20 minutes (that’s all the time she had) I asked her to touch her toes. She immediately stood up and touched both toes. When she straightened up, her eyes were as wide as saucers. ‘I don’t believe it!’ she exclaimed. She touched her toes again and again. She told me that over the course of the following week she couldn’t STOP touching her toes. She turned up at my Meetup two weeks later and when we were doing the round of personal introductions she said ‘My name is C. I am here today because I want to know how Carmen healed me so that I can stop saying ‘I can’t believe it!’’


Sian, a bus driver, had been off work for over 6 months with lower back sciatica. When she made the phone call she was in agony and in tears. She couldn't conceive how she could survive the 20 minute journey by bus. Her friend brought her by car, and Sian told me that the hospital and her GP had told her that there was nothing they could do apart from prescribe pain-killers. It seemed there was no hope. After an hour's session, however, Sian couldn't believe it. She walked out of the door completely pain-free! She rang the next day to say that for the first time in months, she'd slept peacefully and without pain. A week later she phoned again to say that she was still pain-free and that she had given my cards to friends and colleagues, and that even her GP wanted my details! Sian is now back at work, and recently walked down the aisle, still pain-free. 

J.C-W - Occupational Therapist

I had a fall, tripping on a tree root whilst running along the pavement in the dark. I then spent most of the night waiting in A & E to have a cut on my face stitched. 36 hours later I had marked pain in my neck, hip and knee– I felt dreadful, very fragile and very worried about the prospect of having to drive the family up North for the weekend.  I knew there was nothing conventional medicine could do for me but I thought Carmen might be able to help if she was able to see me.  I am very very grateful that Carmen made time in her day – the healing focused on what might have led me to fall as well as some unhelpful; but long held beliefs about myself. How Carmen managed to help me get right to the root of the issue so quickly I have no idea but she clearly did. When I left her house the pain from my accident had diminished and my knee and neck no longer hurt at all. I also felt confident to take the family away the following day.  Now, 10 days later, I still have bruising on my face and a cut on my knee but the pain never returned. I was able to drive for 6 hours the following day and do a three hour walk up dale and down the day after, feeling good throughout. I really believe it was Carmen’s intervention that allowed me to do this by freeing me of unhelpful ‘baggage’ that was holding me back. I would recommend Carmen’s healing to anyone.  She is very professional and has an incredible insight that she is able to utilize in helping an individual feel empowered and more in touch with themselves.  Thank you Carmen.



Cameron, 15 years old, had a knee injury that had been giving him intermittent problems for a few weeks. During the warm-up before a match he hurt his knee again and it looked like he wouldn’t be able to play. The coach brought Cameron to me and asked whether there was anything I could do. Cameron was limping and in obvious pain. During the healing, Cameron was amazed that he could feel heat and tingling in and around the area that was injured. 20 minutes later, I asked Cameron to stand and put pressure on the bad  knee to see whether he could bring back the pain. Cameron couldn’t locate the pain and said that the bad leg actually felt better than his good leg! He went off on the pitch and played an entire game with no return of the pain. When last I spoke to him, several weeks later, he was still untroubled by his knee and playing football pain-free.

L.L - Director/Producer

I feel so incredible after our healing session, you've changed my life! My thigh is no longer numb and my back hasn't hurt one bit! I've also felt so much more positive and incredibly happy. You're a genius and I know I joked about this in our session - but you are The Oracle from the Matrix!


G.H - Actress

Carmen is a fantastic healer .What really sealed it for me was when I came to see Carmen in an emergency. My wrists had completely seized up, with swelling on the back of both hands. The pain I experienced was excruciatingly intense, right wrist was worse than my left - 10 on the pain meter - took me 15mins to put on coat, pain that intense. 

I arrived at Carmen's stressed, exhausted and in pain. Carmen was very sensitive and gentle with my plight. She got to work helping me release the pain. I am quite a stubborn patient but Carmen was able to gently guide me in opening the pressure cooker of emotions that was causing my severe discomfort. During the session the pain went from 10 to say a 5. The pain had eased and the swelling had completely gone. I was happy as I was now able to get on with the rest of the day. I was hoping it would have completely gone within the session, but when you experience pain that crippling one knows that it's a deep set blocked energy which will take time to move through the body. Within two days the pain in my wrist had completely gone. I was amazed!


C.V - Practitioner

Although used to working on myself, I had reached a sticking point unable to even identify what was causing my depression, feelings of gloom and despondence and total apathy. I was plagued by irritating pains and feeling 'off colour' and lacking in self worth.  Carmen was able to gently but persistently sort through emotions, aches and pains to produce some startling and amazing healing. Carmen's work helped me downsize unrealistic expectations of myself and those around me clearing my mind for more manageable goals and dreams. She helped me identify what MY beliefs and desire are rather than those influenced by family and society, which means I am free to focus on my immediate needs - physically and mentally. I'm feeling great! Lighter, less weighed under, with a spring in my step. Woo hoo! Things that had me flying off the handle don't any more. I have more patience and find it easier to laugh with genuine feelings of joy. Best of all that underlying nagging sense of unease/dread and sense of depression is dramatically reduced. Pain has gone.  I plan to see Carmen regularly and would recommend her to anyone.



I came to see Carmen for an energetic top-up after an intense year. I was also curious as to whether a session might help shift some blockages (around money and work, and relationships too).  I found the session relaxing - Carmen has a soothing touch -  and I experienced a tangible sensation of energy shooting down my body when she laid her hands on my head. After the treatment she'd said 'pay attention to what happens in the next few days.'  I took those words with a pinch of salt, if I'm honest. But, but, but... indeed, just a couple of days after the session, I was offered some regular work, and a few days after that, I was shortlisted for another role. The timing was uncanny!  What's more, out of the blue I made a electric connection with someone in the most unexpected of ways. All this in the week following my session! What a result.  I believe Carmen is a gifted healer. She has also shared some invaluable insights as to how to practice the art of shifting energy in my everyday life. I've since recommended her to a couple of my friends and I'm now eagerly looking forward to 2017!


A.R - Pensioner

Dear  Carmencita, wow, what can I say. You worked your magic yet again. This case was seriously tough. A was utterly miserable on our way to you. You saw how I had to help her walk. I felt very emotional myself seeing her in so much pain. However, when I picked her up she had changed so much! Her posture, her facial expression and her mood so much more improved! She said she felt a bit spaced out and wobbly but that so much of the pain had gone. She has tried pain killers, acupuncture, steroid injections. Nothing has worked. She refuses to have an operation and so she had resigned herself to feeling so much pain and it has been getting worse. I will see her tomorrow and report back again. But thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means.”


NEXT DAY:    "OMG. A has improved significantly. Her face and posture have changed. She said it's because she's not in pain. She says she knows it's there but doesn't feel it. Amazing! She's telling all her family and friends, so be prepared for a bunch of OAPs on zimmer frames to rock up! ...I saw her this morning and she's better this afternoon than she was this morning so it's an upward curve. Brilliant!


M.G - Actress

I woke in the middle of the night with pain so severe in my bladder that I was short of breath. I thought I’d have to wake someone up in the middle of the night as it didn’t feel safe to be alone, but I managed to do some deep breathing and the pressure and shooting pain in my bladder and subsided slightly and I was able to get through the night. The pain had been getting worse for months and I had got to the point now where I was going to the bathroom 5 times a night and every 1-2 hours when awake, I also had a burning sensation when urinating. I knew that I’d have to go to the doctor and probably take a course of antibiotics, but as it was the weekend and my doctors surgery doesn’t open at the weekend, I knew that I’d have to find some way to get through the weekend and cope with the pain, so I called Carmen. i never really thought for a moment that she would resolve the problem, I was only really expecting a band-aid solution to get me through the weekend. But, after just one session with her I can report a week later that i never had to go to the doctors after all… the pain urinating vanished! The shooting pain in my bladder vanished! And, I’m back to waking up only once per night to pee! I’ve also stopped urinating so frequently during the day and as far as I can tell feel completely healed and back to my old self!! Which is a huge relief! I really wasn’t expecting such dramatic results, but all I can say is I’m super glad that I went to see Carmen! I really can’t thank her enough.


R.E - Dive Instructor

Hello Carmen, after you treated my ear [infection], that same evening my ear cleared up. Before that it had been blocked by something and right away, my hearing improved. Also, the pain is a lot less now. Most of the time there is no pain at all. Thank you very much for the help, it's really amazing!


I.D - University Lecturer

About a week after I had the session with you, and I had got over the worst of my flu, I noticed that I had a [back] pain-free day, and then another and another - it really did astound me. Since then I've regularly had twinges and pain on and off but only ever for short periods of time. Previously, the pain would last for hours and over several days.



Reima, a theatre agent and manager, had been experiencing lower back pains for several months. During her session she commented on the heat she felt where I placed my hands. She sweated so much she saturated the cushion on which she was lying, but the pain went! Months later she is still without pain. She recently communicated that sat up to micro-plait a friend’s hair for 2 hours - something that previously would have been unthinkable.


H.H - Musician

I’m taking day by day but from being on 6/7 different pain killers for 3 weeks in the past 2 days I’ve only felt the need to take paracetamol twice a day.


H.H - Magistrate

I have suffered for the past 20 years from acute pain in my back, shoulders, neck, hips, and latterly it had spread to my ribs and groin. Nothing had worked over the years and I had spent a fortune on bone scans, MRI's, physiotherapy, osteopaths, chiropractitioners, acupuncture and any other treatment that my insurance would reimburse. I had been forced to abandon the gym and tennis out of fear of making things worse. Life was a misery. When I contacted Carmen, as a well known super sceptic, I did not have high hopes of being helped but I was desperate and had nothing to lose. The first surprise was the distance healing session. The relief from pain was immediate. I phoned Carmen and set up a one-on-one session to try to remove the last remnants of pain and to get an explanation for what had happened. I cannot pretend to understand the whole process but I am convinced that what she does actually works. Now my life has changed completely! It is as if I have been given a new body. I even ran for the bus yesterday and I have cancelled my appointment with the consultant orthopaedic surgeon.* I continue to feel the benefits of your healing and am deeply grateful. Thank you, Carmen!

[*This was the client's independent decision. I am not medically qualified, and at no stage will I interfere with or contradict the advice of your medical practitioner.]


A.D - Student

I suffered from a horrible and extremely strong headache for more than ten days I was taking 4-6 tablets every day without any results, but the pain didn't show any signs of decreasing, and I was exhausted. I couldn't work, study or have any fun, so I tried a healing session because I knew that the problem was deeper and more complicated than an ordinary headache. During the session, I passed through very different stages, from anxiety to peace, from lightness to heaviness - but those were just emotions created by old painful memories that Carmen helped me to get through and accept with serenity. I could actually feel my pain getting less strong, bit by it, until it was completely gone. I could also feel my arms and legs tingling. At the end of the session, I was extremely relaxed, and a bit cold and my arms and head were heavy, but the extraordinary thing was that my mood was completely changed. I was relaxed, calm and full of energy! It has been a powerful experience that helped me a lot. It has now been ten days and I still don't have a headache and I don't feel my old stressed self at all.


C.L - Lecturer/Writer

I came to Carmen with knife-like stabbing on the right-hand, lower side of my back. I also had upper leg muscles which felt like someone was stretching violin strings. This was very painful. I could not bounce out of the chair as I usually would. The session did one thing: cleared it all. All these symptoms are gone. The session also helped my gym training, in terms of doing my sets in such a way, that I am uniting the body and psyche: I feel that going to the gym is now a holistic experience - I had not had that before! Also, Carmen removed blockages physically through energy work which helped me address a problem with a flat-mate regarding speaking my truth. Then the same day I actually got a directing gig with a theatre company I have wanted to work with for three years. That too presented exciting problems which I could address because I was grounded and the actors said how much they loved working with me, and thanked me for handing their challenges. We had a blast on the night. And I can spring up out of the chair. Also, what is really supportive about seeing Carmen, is understanding that you deal with one matter at a time. The creative visualisation Carmen invited me to do has really helped. I feel no pressure to 'get it all in one hole.' I want to take my healing, which is so much part of my creative growth, in its stages. Many thanks for helping me get this and helping me to listen to my body-energy-field.


A.E - Political Scientist

I have to say that this is my first experience when it comes to people who have a special power or energy that is successfully used to help others. Words are perhaps the wrong way to explain this situation... you must simply dozivjeti. I had a severe headache, especially strong because of my general condition, which was pretty bad, because I was suffering from the flu. My body was hot and the pain in my head was like a ‘pulse.’ When Carmen approached me and then put her hands on me, a feeling of peace swept over me… and then suddenly ‘cool’ (like a pump that pulls everything from your mind at that moment and fills you with something new... in my case, ‘cold,’ an energy that was much needed). What particularly fascinated me was when I could still feel her hand in front of my face when it wasn’t even there ... simply, unbelievable. The pain stopped, and I had a feeling of lightness (light as a feather), and as I mentioned, feeling spokoja. Carmen told me: "Relax and do not think about anything,’ I thought that it was impossible, but I was soon convinced of the opposite. The entire atmosphere (candles, music, silence and, of course, Carmen), makes it really possible for you to find your own peace… and I finally felt really better.  A big thank you.


S.K - Ex-Midwife

I am feeling good, I only become uncomfortable when I walk, sit or stand for long time. As you said, I am trying to take it easy as the body is still healing. But that horrible sharp back pain disappeared from that day. It's a wonderful feeling it has changed my life completely. I don't have enough words to thank you. xx


M.B - Actress

My name is Maddi and I am an Actress, Singer and Guitarist. I love my work but unfortunately as a solo musician I have to carry around a lot of heavy PA equipment. One night while rushing to a gig I was lifting a speaker into my car and I managed to pull my back muscles. As a result when I sleep at night I get pain and cramps down my spine that keeps me awake. I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen through my acting agent and she suggested the Laser therapy. I went to Carmen for a session and afterwards I felt like I was floating on air. That same night I slept like a log. No pain at all. My back felt free and my muscles were relaxed with no cramping. I would highly recommend Carmen Harris as a healer... (3 WEEKS LATER) My back has been much better thanks, I have the odd twinge now and then but a big overall improvement


H.H - Student

I’m taking day by day but from being on 6/7 different pain killers for 3 weeks in the past 2 days I’ve only felt the need to take paracetamol twice a day.



The appointment I had with you made me feel very positive and staying that way. Since seeing you l have only had one migraine that only lasted less than a day, rather than the normal 3 - 4 days

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