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“Thought I would update you on how I'm feeling after yesterday afternoons session. First of all, I have been totally pain free - both in the neck and back!  Last night, when normally I would have felt the strain from the day, I was very comfortable and this morning hopped out of bed without any problem and I haven't been able to do that for a long time.  I slept very early last night and have been yawning all throughout today! The feeling of calm and quiet has stayed with me.  I am so thankful for our session yesterday.  It's incredible.”  

C.L. - London —

“Although used to working on myself, I had reached a sticking point unable to even identify what was causing my depression, feelings of gloom and despondence and total apathy. I was plagued by irritating pains and feeling 'off colour' and lacking in self worth.  Carmen was able to gently but persistently sort through emotions, aches and pains to produce some startling and amazing healing. Carmen's work helped me downsize unrealistic expectations of myself and those around me clearing my mind for more manageable goals and dreams. She helped me identify what MY beliefs and desire are rather than those influenced by family and society, which means I am free to focus on my immediate needs - physically and mentally. I'm feeling great! Lighter, less weighed under, with a spring in my step. Woo hoo! Things that had me flying off the handle don't any more. I have more patience and find it easier to laugh with genuine feelings of joy. Best of all that underlying nagging sense of unease/dread and sense of depression is dramatically reduced. Pain has gone.  I plan to see Carmen regularly and would recommend her to anyone.”

C.V, Practitioner - London —