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Light and Shadow


S.O - Marketing

Thanks so much for Monday. I have not worried about travelling since and the day I left you. I immediately went onto the A roads without that anxious feeling inside me. It’s amazing what you did. I was very surprised at how everything linked up. I defo need to come back and see you and have another session regarding another few small anxieties I have.


O.S - Agent

(1)  I thought about you A LOT this weekend. You would have been proud!! Four flights. Zero anxiety. 2 commercial planes. One seaplane. One prop. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2) Dear Carmen, THANK YOU for the most incredible healing!! I flew today through turbulence, rain and snow!! No problem and no sedative!! Your tune-up had a tremendous effect on my body!! Thank you again!

Los Angeles

A.B - Screenwriter/Producer

I was reading on the bus for twenty minutes. Then all of a sudden I went. Wait. What the... OH, MY GOD I AM READING ON A BUS!!! I had barely even thought! So that tapping session - bye bye car sickness!!! How great is that! I mean, that is miraculous. Thank you Carmen.


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