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Light and Shadow

Distance Healing


I was suffering with complete exhaustion, severe pain in my bones muscles...enough to stop me from walking. I also had hypersensitivity, sickness, hallucinations etc...I had suffered like this for the past year whilst titrating off three different psychotropic medications. Carmen Harris a wonderful friend I met on Facebook a couple of years ago had contacted me to kindly offer to do a healing session with me. I was too exhausted to even talk with her for a couple of days. Carmen eventually caught up with me one night after nearly collapsing due to pain and fatigue. Carmen asked me to explain what had been going on, then she asked me to place the phone where she could see me whilst I lay down in bed. I did some deep breathing, then I could sense a dense feeling as if my energy in my shoulders, chest and sides were being compressed. After a while I could feel this energy enter my this point my emotions joined in and my tears came. Every now and then Carmen would ask me what I was feeling... this would be replaced occasionally with a huge sense of love and peace literally bubbling through my entire body. Eventually Carmen told me she had removed three past lifetimes of terror and some traumas from this life. Carmen asked me to get some water. I was able to walk pain free to get this. The healing continued intensely for hours after Carmen had hung up. Since the healing two weeks ago I have lost half a stone, I have given up tea ...I used to drink 20- 25 cups a day. After three days I felt well enough to run a mile, swim 30 lengths and do 15 minutes exercise. This is actually more exercise than I have done for years but given that my kids have had to put my shoes on for the month before it is unbelievable. I have continued to keep this up. I have looked into Quantum physics, the energy fields of EFT etc... and it all made sense but there is nothing like experience to teach us in life. What I love about Carmen Harris is she does healing as if she is writing a shopping list. Please don’t suffer, contact Carmen...she is as her book says magical. Carmen’s book is called ‘Shit happens, Magic Follows’. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a fabulous read.


S.L - Businesswoman

S called on the eve of flying from the UK to the US. She said that her brother was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (colloquially described as the 'suicide illness,' the pain being so great the sufferer often contemplates suicide as a way out) and could I help? Her brother's operation was scheduled within days but in the meantime he was in great pain despite being on the highest dosage of morphine. I instructed S to call me when she had reached the US and was at her brother's bedside. Around 11.30pm she called and we worked via speakerphone as there was some problem with getting Skype. I communicated through S as her brother was in such discomfort he could barely speak. Despite the morphine his pain was 7/10. I conveyed that  I would send some initial healing down the phone. In response to this healing, and through S, her brother conveyed that he could feel tingling around his face. This was a good sign. I then used energy psychology to identify the mental/emotional root cause of the issue and focused the healing in this area. Within 20 minutes her brother's pain had plummeted to zero! I instructed him to do a little meditation in private and for S to let me know his progress.


S later sent an email: "I did not want to call you back as it is so late... My brother came out of his meditation and he was smiling and has talked a bit! He had a reprieve from the pain for the first time in days... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Carmen, I really cannot thank you enough"


S.M - Manager

Since the One-to-One (Skype) session I feel a sense of lightness and inner calm. Although things are rather chaotic on the outside I now seem to be able to push things aside not constantly hear the worrying voice and not allow all the troubles to take me over as they used to. I think though another session might be good sometime. I know there is a lot of work I still need to do on myself. But it is strange :) not sure if the right word is amazing, this feeling of inner peace. Not quite sure that it is visible to those on the outside. I'm amazed at how I'm reacting with all the harassment/overwhelming situation at work and so on. Thank


S.W - Dentist

Over Christmas, I flew to Australia for the holiday of a lifetime. As soon as I landed, I felt terribly ill and took to bed with a very high fever. My temperature rose to 39C and wouldn't go down. I've never been so ill and so miserable in all my life. On the third day, sad, depressed, and desperate, I texted Carmen in London and asked whether she could send me some distance healing because my temperature was still very high and I couldn't leave the hotel room at all. We agreed a particular time when I would be alone for 30 minutes, and she instructed me to simply relax and 'receive' the energy she would be sending me. Immediately after the healing, I felt a strong 'heat' all over my body yet I was feeling very relaxed. I started feeling better by the hour. The following day, my temperature was normal, my flu was completely gone, and I was able to get up and start sightseeing. Thanks to Carmen, my holiday finally started. It was amazing!



Dear Carmen, bless you. Words are not enough to thank you for the distance healing. After the 15 minutes of intense healing you sent me I drifted into 3 hours deep sleep. During the healing I felt great warmth and a sparkling blue light which turned green over the whole abdominal area. After 10 minutes I passed the gas I need to urgently pass which was giving acute pain after the abdominal surgery. I woke feeling calm and rested. This is distance healing in the truest sense of the word! From you in London to me in my hospital bed in Australia. With much love and gratitude.


R.B - Agent

Carmen!! Oh, my Godddd! A great big THANK Youuuuu.

I have had this cough for well over 6 MONTHS: tickly throat, tight chest, breathless, very uncomfortable and embarrassing when I am out and about - and your intervention yesterday has completely eradicated it!

Thanks for performing a session over the telephone so I could stop what I was doing and lie down comfortably and relaxed. Halfway through the session I could feel my fingers and toes tingling then getting hot and cold. At one point I felt as if I was gasping for breath. When the session was over, the coughing stopped. I was quite amazed, but cautious! Waiting for it to start again. Well I can now tell you it’s the end of the next day and the awful cough which had all the doctors speculating as to what it was and ready to prescribe STEROIDS has gone!

I didn’t contact you before now because I thought it was too big an issue. Thanks so much once again!


V.S - Teacher

Thank you so very much for the energy healing session you gifted me today. I woke up feeling better, stress free, calm and the pain was at a totally different level - noticeably much less!!


V.H - Teacher

I went to my bed and laid down feeling instant comfort. Instant peace. I closed my eyes and felt the weight of my body on the bed. I felt sensations that were noticeable and can only be described as verging on sensual. I gave into the feelings and felt content. I woke after half an hour of deep sleep and remained there, in the bed that I had been unable to feels so relaxed in for days. When I got up, I did not feel hungry in spite of not having eaten for some nine hours. I wanted to write down this experience as it was real for me. I feel and sound calm and ready for the next chapter in my frenetic life. I spoke to my close friend and she noticed it.

Washington DC


My daughter was admitted to hospital when her pressure hit the roof along with other complications. She was sent home this week with home help at hand in the morning and in the evening. Her biggest worry has been her dizziness which affects her getting out of bed. I suggested that she make an appointment with Carmen. Her reply was ‘When I get better.’ Last night she rang to say I don’t know what Carmen did but the dizziness has gone and I can now get out of the bed. Her voice was much clearer, when before her voice sounded muffled and like it was drowning. Thank you Carmen for another job well done. I find it amazing that my daughter received distant healing and it reached her and she was able feel this vast improvement. I go to Carmen for healing and each time I go I am never disappointed. I have not ever been where her healing has not worked on me even if it means I have to return for a top up or it takes a couple of days to feel 100% that the pain and emotion has gone. My daughter had healing on Friday and her dizziness so greatly improved she was able to get out her bed, and only yesterday she spoke to me to say the swelling in her legs had gone done. Everyone was telling me to speak to the consultant and that she needed to go back into the hospital. My consultant was Carmen.


A.C - International Health Worker

I can hardly believe it when writing this down, but I couldn't be happier to share with you that I have been stomach pain-free for 13 days straight! Starting 3 days after our Skype session and totally gone ever since. For me this is close to a miracle, and I couldn't be more grateful for your help!

After the one-to-one session, I felt suprisingly energised, happy and relieved, no lows or symptom reactivation or any other effects I had suffered from after our first session.

My energy-levels are back to normal and I feel I can finally move on with my life, in peace with myself, restored and empowered!

I have enjoyed this journey and this made me conscious that I need to continue working on it and meditate as healing and growing is a continuous process.

Thank you again Carmen for this life-changing experience! I feel blessed to have met you and will never forget what you have meant to me, you're a truly remarkable person and healer!!

I wish you all the best. Hope we can meet again one day!


K.M - Lawyer

Hi Carmen, Just a quick mail to say thank you!  I woke up the next day feeling so much better.. It's so reassuring to know that you're around - you have no idea.



To this day I am forever grateful for your healings. They were life changing and physically healing. I am always sharing my experiences of your outstanding healing energies with other people as I travel around this beautiful world. You really are an amazing lady Carmen. Love you. Xxx 💕


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