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Free Group Distance Healing 

A selection of testimonials from hundreds

“I experienced all sorts... stomach gurgles, a sharp pain in my right lower leg!?!?, cold feet, a feeling of rapid eye movement and visualising lots of clouds, dark always moving to the left... and although I didn't know the time, I knew when you had finished as the clouds became light in colour and felt refreshing.”

“At two moments during the half hour I felt a heaviness and warmth land on my solar plexus, it then melted out to the rest of my body and I felt soothed, calmed and comforted.”

“I am in Mauritius... I wanted to say thank you as the healing energy reached me deeply.....at a crucial time."

“I saw light and lots of topaz blue.”

“I live in Maryland and at midnight (EST) I got really dizzy and really energized at the same time.”

“I went into a power sleep, I felt like I was sleeping for ages, it felt really good.”

“I had an emotional breakthrough this morning.”

“I was in tears within minutes! I'm now up feeling upbeat and positive for the day and week ahead. ”

“I’ve had a very stiff neck since the anaesthetic and as soon as your healing started it warmed up and now feels much better.”