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"In the cold and dark early hours of the morning I slowly made my way to the Urgent Care Centre at the Whittington Hospital. Since Wednesday I had been slowly using the mobility in my right arm, the pain becoming more and more unbearable. Having hardly slept and in a fit of tears and desperation I decided that I needed to seek medical help.  A couple of hours later, I left the Whittington with a considerable amount of very strong painkillers and a diagnosis of a ‘Frozen Shoulder,’ something that could happen to anyone at any time. It sounded so harmless but meant that I was going to spend the next month in excruciating pain and with no more than 30 degrees of movement in my right hand and that I could expect stiffness in the arm for the foreseeable future (and possibly the need for an operation). I was told to head home by the Doctor, that I could do nothing more than rest, ice the shoulder, keep it elevated and take the painkillers I had been prescribed. How was I going to be able to work and live with this diagnosis? I needed to see Carmen.  After explaining the diagnosis and expected recovery to Carmen a determined look came over her face; ‘Months’ she said and shook her head. Carmen treated me for two sessions and advised me to tap on the pain myself in between. It sounds so simple when I write it down but the last 36 hours have shown me that there is so much more to healing than conventional medicine…        [continued on next slide]

H.L - London —

"Meant to tell you the other good news - my thyroid levels are NORMAL [on thyroid medication for 7 years] - no meds, no supplements, no iodine, just good old-fashioned Carmen! "

J.S. Performer - California

S.R - London —