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"Agostino, who works in the Italian pharmaceutical industry, was a chain-smoker for the past 40 years with a 40-a-day habit. One day he collapsed with a suspected heart attack. His doctor advised him to stop smoking immediately or it could be fatal. The cause of his collapse, it turned out, was due to the poor state of his lungs. When he came to see me he had gone a few days without cigarettes. It was an excruciating experience. He was visibly distressed, jumpy and in need of a cigarette! He told me that his entire daily routine – from waking up, to eating, to relaxing, to sitting on the toilet – had been marked by having a cigarette. He had three sessions with me, and after each was visibly more relaxed and accepting of his situation. Before he left for Italy (armed with exercises to help with any residual craving) he told me that he was OK about not smoking. This was in 2012. Today he remains a non-smoker." 

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