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She stubbed her big toe - hard. It was swollen and she was limping, unable to put any weight on it. It wasn't black, purple or blue, so maybe it was simply tissue damage? I did some healing. As an after-thought I muscle-tested her - bruised, fractured or broken? Energy bypasses the thinking mind and goes straight to a Higher Intelligence which on this occasion clearly said 'broken.' Even so, I doubted the test. I suggested she go to A&E for an X-ray, just in case. She came back wearing an orthopaedic boot. Broken toe bone.

I gave healing (clearing the energetic 'interference' around the toe) for 4 consecutive days, up to 15 minutes each time. After the first day the pain lessened significantly. By Day 2 she could move her toe and walk with a much less pronounced limp. Day 3 she had no pain. On Day 8 she had another X-ray and was told by the doctor that her toe had 'healed surprisingly well.' Some day science will discover the awesome nature and power of our Higher Self.

Interestingly, on that same morning, anticipating her hospital visit, the pain temporarily returned!

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