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6 Years Later !

Sometimes the benefits of a One-to-One healing aren't fully or immediately recognised. It accounts for the reason why some clients don't always feedback right away. There can be shock or disbelief; a superstitious fear, even, of the condition returning if one 'speaks too soon.' Other times, it's a case of taking one’s time to look back and join up the dots at the way in which subtle Energy infiltrates our story, resolves our issues and brings us to our next level of evolution and consciousness.

I received a call today from a client who first saw me over 6 years ago, now wishing to thank me for her One-to-One! This delayed response certainly beat one of my very first clients whom, I thought, had received a huge breakthrough during her One-to-One. However, when I hadn't heard back from her several weeks and months later, I could only guess at the actual outcome of the session. Out of the blue, three years later, I received a thank-you text telling me that her healing all those years previous had led to a complete transformation of her life! And now here I was hearing something similar once again. My client was telling me that her One-to-One had catalysed a great change in both hers and her son's relationship and life and, looking back, the extent had only just occurred to her. Hence the call. But there was more. The wonderful outcome was that her son, part of her original story's angst, blossomed into his own potential, had recently been nominated Best Newcomer at a prestigious music awards ceremony. Job done! Well done!

Sometime ago, maybe around 6 years ago I was struggling with my husband and son. I felt as though I was trapped in a box which consisted of turmoil. We met as I was recommended to you as a hair stylist, but little did I know when you sat in my chair that you would be helping me to free myself from this box. You suggested that I have a healing session as you felt it would free me from the ties.... May I say that the changes I have experienced since then have been life-changing. My son is no longer caught up in the negative energies my body chose to hold onto along with my now ex husband. It’s as though chains have been broken and we as a family are now able to fly and become the best we can be... I just want to thank you for this and I pray untold blessing upon you and your family.” F.L. Hairdresser, London.

The moral? Please TRUST in the process. Following a session try not to get hung up on looking out for signs of what's 'better.' Instead, notice what's DIFFERENT. Whether our perception of that difference is 'good' or 'bad,' the important thing to note is that your Energies are shifting! Things are changing! And this won’t always be in accordance with your personal ideas of what constitutes progress along your path. With this shift will ultimately come a change in your story. For, despite any belief in our own intelligence, the universe is infinitely wiser than the limited confines of our own grey matter. So... Allow it!

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