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Lavender - From Another Dimension!

Lavender. One of my favorite sniffs. Where would we be without our ability to access the world’s beauty by inhaling its countless scents and aromas? And equally, where would we be without our ability to identify other less pleasant smells that alert us to potential bacteria, pollution, decay and disease?

In my biog/self-help book ‘Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)’ I describe how I was once travelling in a car with the famous author, chiropractor and spiritual teacher/healer, Dr. Eric Pearl. I was sitting directly behind him in the back seat and detected the strangest scent that I still have no words for, and it was definitely coming from him. It was a clear, sharp, fleeting moment. The scent escaped into the breeze through the open window quicker than I could put a name to it. The closest I can come to describing what assailed my nostrils that day, even now after several years have passed, is the ‘smell of purple.’

A whole other universe lies just outside of our physical world. In the same way that our human eyes cannot see the full spectrum of colours that actually exist ‘out there,’ neither can our human nose detect the complete range of scents in the invisible, ‘outer’ domains. In fact, there is an infinite variety of sights, sounds, sensations, smells and tastes that mysteriously inhabit the realms outside of this tangible human dimension. Huh? How strange! Not really. Not when you consider how readily we accept that the shrill pitch of a dog whistle can be picked up by dogs miles around, but has no register for the human ear; that radio and microwaves are undetectable by sight, taste or touch; or that certain high frequencies escape the hearing of adults but are automatically heard by the young.

During an Energy healing session a client's physical senses become heightened and expand outside of the physical body. They enter a subtle realm in which the indescribable often happens and they say things like “I’m feeling … I really don’t have the words… it’s weird… I’m seeing… I’ve never seen such colours before…! It’s a sensation I really can’t describe…” Only the other week, one client, who I thought was scrunched up in pain, explained that he wasn’t feeling pain at all. He was reacting to ‘the weirdest’ sensation he could not put into words - something akin to his chest expanding like a cloud and lifting outside of his body. Equally, the senses can sometimes discern the ‘ordinary’ in an extraordinary way. For example, the client who suddenly detected the distinct smell of roses, when there was not a single fresh flower in the room! This may sound spooky, but in reality these outer-worldly experiences can be quite comforting, particularly, in the latter case, where the scent reminded the client of a very dear relative who had passed. Yes, when healing transports you into the other dimensions, the world can take on the subtle feel of a very different place!

By the way, Lavender has many therapeutic benefits and uses. It has long been claimed to boost memory, ease anxiety and help with insomnia. Place several drops of Lavender essential oil on your pillow and smell your way to a night’s peaceful sleep and a morning’s cognitive clarity!

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