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One From The Archives (2010)

When Janice, a book retailer, walked through the door she didn't have to tell me that she was in agony. Due to chronic back pain and sciatica her face was creased and she winced with each step she took. Despite trying many remedies over the course of 10 years, including sessions with a chiropractor, she showed me how her spine had eventually developed a pronounced curve from right to left. She pulled up her top and painfully raised both arms as best she could and I took a photo of the curvature before beginning the session. She then approached the couch, negotiating each step as though she were about to climb a treacherous mountain. From experience, she knew that any sudden movement would cause pain, and her pain-killers had already begun to wear off. Without them, she said that her pain would soar to 10 (out of 10). When she finally managed to get onto the couch and lay on her back, she had to raise both legs to avoid triggering the sciatic nerve.

During the session we soon discovered the root of the energy blockage. It originated at a time when Janice's life was in turmoil from various domestic stresses. A story of family conflict. As we worked on the issues, Janice was amazed at how, despite lying perfectly still, she could feel sensations ranging from discomfort to excruciating pain in parts of her body aside from her lower back - shoulders, arms, chest, neck, head, hip, thighs. Though it appeared that the problem was in her right hip/back area, I sensed that the blockage was elsewhere, and began to clear the energy around her neck/shoulder area on the left-hand side. Gradually, she began to lower both legs till it was obvious to me that, despite being without painkillers, her discomfort was reducing. As the trapped energy began to release she experienced a warm sensation filling her chest that she said she couldn't fully describe.

Eventually, I knew that the pain had dissipated, but I also knew that because Janice had spent the last 10 years living with a great deal of discomfort, her brain would not have had time to accept this, and her body, from habit, would automatically tense with the anticipation of agony. We worked on reversing this situation, after which I casually asked Janice to sit up. She did this, to her surprise, without thinking about it. When she realised that she was up on her feet and walking around pain-free, all she could utter for a time, both eyes wide with astonishment, was "Wow! Wow! Wow! This is amazing!" As she walked around the room with increasing confidence, I could see that her body was straightening and losing the scoliosis. She was also shivering, a sign of the body producing cooling energy to counteract the previous excess of energy (normally associated with pain). I asked her to raise her arms so that I could take another photo. She was surprised to realise that she could now stretch both arms above her head, fully and with ease. You will see from the photos how Janice's torso adjusted by as much as 50% after only one session. See PAIN testimonials for what Janice herself wrote about her session.

Have you had a One-to-One with me and only now joining up the healing dots? Want to share your story?

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