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I wish I'd got to hug her for real. To draw her fragility close. To whisper these truths in her ear: "Whatever you do, don't blame yourself. The need for drugs is a symptom of a Story(ies) in your early life, begging to be resolved. That story keeps erupting in the recesses of your subconscious, causing emotional pain. No one wants to feel pain. So we reach for the thing that puts a lid on the rising feeling: the drugs, shopping, drama, gambling, cigarette, drink, sex, porn - whatever our salve of choice. But until we get to the root/source of the Story - to Delete it; Clear it; Neutralise it - we will have little chance of overcoming our addiction to suffering. Until we break the cycle of despair/relief relief/despair it will be impossible to embrace life's greatest healer: Love. For when we finally fall in love with our own true, flawed self; when we acknowledge that we too are deserving of peace and self-acceptance, the shadows instantly fall away... and our own Light illuminates the path to a better version of our future." But as dear Amy is no longer with us I'm paying that whisper forward, to someone among us who may need to hear these words.🙏🏼

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