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"I have been ill for over a week now with exhaustion and an awful stomach and no energy. I called my wonderful friend Carmen to ask about something completely unrelated and I happened to mention how I was feeling. About half an hour later I got a call from Carmen saying sit down somewhere on your own and let's do a quick process. Wow! I feel so much better! Stomach calm, headache gone, and more energy! You're are beyond words" A great testimonial. So, what was going on? Intuitively, I sensed that there was an underlying Story of regret. One of those 'could have/should have/would have' mental loops we often harbour around a past event. When I asked my friend to mentally (i.e. no need to verbalise aloud) give voice to all the suppressed/frustrated feelings around a troubling event that she had been involved with several weeks before, she immediately felt the head and stomach ache intensify. Bingo! This was a clear indication of a relationship between the mental and the physical. Using my healyourstory method I sent Energy (which quantum physicists will confirm, exists outside of Time and Space, so it didn't matter at all that we were on the phone and physically separated by post codes!) to Clear/Delete/Neutralise the obvious interference in her Energy field. Within minutes the symptoms dissolved. When we finished, my friend exclaimed, pertaining to her Story, "I knew in my gut the decision I made had been wrong!" Intuitively she had already grasped the problem. She'd gone against her gut (stomach) and ended up getting into a regrettable situation with another friend. This belief that she was 'wrong' and the berating mental exercise of self-blame had triggered emotions of guilt and regret, which eventually manifested into the physical. Pills and potions would have had little effect on these symptoms without the exact source of the issue - Story - being identified. Symptoms are always, always, a call to address Story.

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