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So many recent testimonials in this area, I seem to be developing a specialism in back issues! Although back pain is an obvious physical condition, there are definite metaphysical interpretations. Every body part relates to a certain emotional block in our life, and the Stories we hold in this area mostly have to do with insecurities around freedom, support, love and finances. When these Stories are released, the body's natural self-healing processes are activated to magical effect. "I came to Carmen with knife-like stabbing on the right-hand, lower side of my back. I also had upper leg muscles which felt like someone was stretching violin strings. This was very painful. I could not bounce out of the chair as I usually would. The session did one thing: cleared it all. All these symptoms are gone. The session also helped my gym training, in terms of doing my sets in such a way, that I am uniting the body and psyche: I feel that going to the gym is now a holistic experience - I had not had that before! Also, Carmen removed blockages physically through energy work which helped me address a problem with a flat-mate regarding speaking my truth. Then the same day I actually got a directing gig with a theatre company I have wanted to work with for three years. That too presented exciting problems which I could address because I was grounded and the actors said how much they loved working with me, and thanked me for handling their challenges. We had a blast on the night. And I can spring up out of the chair. Also, what is really supportive about seeing Carmen, is understanding that you deal with one matter at a time. The creative visualisation Carmen invited me to do has really helped. I feel no pressure to 'get it all in one hole.' I want to take my healing, which is so much part of my creative growth, in its stages. Many thanks for helping me get this and helping me to listen to my body-energy-field." 

C.L (Lecturer/Writer/Performer) London 

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