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Here's a testimonial from the Archives, a healing which took place over several months ago. Despite her dire condition back then, these days, Jane is travelling around the world and recently returned from a trip to South Africa! [The photo was taken several weeks after the healing] "Two weeks ago I was suffering with complete exhaustion, severe pain in my bones and muscles... enough to stop me from walking. I also had hypersensitivity, sickness, hallucinations etc. I had suffered like this for the past year whilst titrating off three different psychotropic medications. Carmen Harris, a wonderful friend I met on Facebook a couple of years ago, contacted me. I was too exhausted to even talk with her for a couple of days. She eventually caught up with me one night after I nearly collapsed due to pain and fatigue. She asked me to explain what had been going on, then she asked me to place the phone where she could see me whilst I lay down in bed. I did some deep breathing, then I could sense a dense feeling as if energy in my shoulders, chest and sides were being compressed. After a while I could feel this same energy enter my heart. At this point, my emotions joined in and my tears came. Every now and then Carmen would ask me what I was feeling. This would be replaced occasionally with a huge sense of love and peace literally bubbling through my entire body. Eventually, Carmen told me she had removed three past lifetimes of terror and some traumas from this life. Carmen asked me to get some water. I was able to walk pain-free to get this. The healing continued intensely for hours after Carmen had hung up. Since the healing two weeks ago I have lost half a stone and I have given up tea - I used to drink 20- 25 cups a day. After three days I felt well enough to run a mile, swim 30 lengths and do 15 minutes' exercise. This is actually more exercise than I have done for years, and given that my kids have had to put my shoes on for me the month before it is unbelievable. I have continued to keep this up. I had looked into Quantum physics, the energy fields, EFT etc., and it all made sense, but there is nothing like experience to teach us in life. What I love about Carmen Harris is she does healing as if she is writing a shopping list. As she says, we all have the ability to do this, we have just forgotten. Healing is a process. It teaches us how to love our body and ourselves, and it's ongoing. Every day we will face challenges, but if we continue to feed ourselves with love (and diet and rest and exercise is all part of loving ourselves) we will not only continue to feel better physically but we will grow spiritually. Healing ourselves and others will be an everyday practice in the future - it is actually science! Please don’t suffer, contact Carmen. She is, as her book says, magical. Carmen’s book is called ‘Sh*t happens, Magic Follows’. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a fabulous read. xxx" 

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