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Without sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, it would be hard to imagine an existence. Without our senses, how would we know when we need to eat or drink?; how would we know if we were wet by the rain, being burned by the sun, freezing in the snow... or being stung by a jellyfish? Without our senses, we wouldn’t even know we had a body. The only connection to an existence we would have left would be our consciousness! Sounds pretty much like the state and dimensions we occupied before incarnation; when we were part of the vastness of the universe, doesn't it?

It is a fact that our senses perceive only a limited spectrum of our reality; there is so much more to this world that exists outside of our normal range of hearing, seeing, smelling, taste and touch. People who can access those 'other' dimensions of reality seem extraordinary to us. However, scientists have identified a total of eleven dimensions to our existence! Meanwhile, our senses only allow us to be aware of four of them - length, width, depth and time. The magical elements of the other seven dimensions are hidden from us, just beneath our awareness. Our limited senses condition and deceive us into believing that there is nothing outside of ourselves and beyond our physicality. Yet, the truth is, what we ‘see’ is simply a projection, a reflection, of the illusion of our own beliefs. Our world does not actually 'exist,' it is a virtual creation of our own minds and of the belief that what I can grasp with my senses is 'all there is.' This belief in Separation and limitation is what causes our feelings of impotence, isolation and loneliness. However, way beyond the deception of our senses, there is a vast universe of other dimensions that we are all connected to and from which we all originate. In every sense, we are a single ethereal unified entity. We are never Separate; we are always One. 

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