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Have you ever wondered why you keep choosing the same partner, the same friends, only with different faces? Look for the recurring patterns in your life. They hold the key to your spiritual, mental and emotional growth. What unresolved Story from the past are you continually repeating until you learn the lesson? Maybe as the youngest child you always felt overlooked; that you never received the attention you craved/deserved? If that's the Story buried deep in your psyche you will unconsciously seek out the partner who neglects you, who confirms to you that you are last on their list. You will attract work situations where the boss overlooks you in favour of your colleague with less qualifications but a more solid presence. Friends will magnetise into your orbit only to let you down and show you how little they value your friendship. If you're a parent, perhaps your own children will defer to your partner and ignore anything you have to say. Get the picture? Same scenario. Same emotions of unworthiness and rejection. Different faces. And this will continue until you get the LESSON, that these cast of characters are in your life to lovingly (and seemingly unlovingly) show you that a part of your soul is in need of healing. Until that time, when the penny finally drops, your contract with, and your attraction to, these similar types will continue weaving the same hopeless pattern. But when you finally understand that you no longer need this particular lesson in your life, everything around you will change accordingly. So, the next time you bawl out a loved one for yet again letting you down or treating you like dirt, go inside and ask yourself: 'What do I need to pay attention to here? What is it about me that needs to be brought to peace?' Find a quiet place to sit down and take a few deep breaths. Cast your mind back to that young child slumped at the dinner table; the one who no-one listens to; who feels invisible in the family. Feel the pain or tension in your own body as you make this observation/ connection. In your mind, imagine sitting beside your younger self. Give that child the reassurances and love that he/she is craving. Explain what is really going on around them (maybe Mum is so exhausted or depressed the easiest thing to do is to give in to your rowdy older brothers?; maybe through your own sullenness you're the one rejecting the family and they're giving you the space you appear to need?; maybe that big birthday party that got cancelled coincided with your father losing his job?, and so on). From your own adult perspective tell that child what he/she needs to hear. Gently let him/her know that you're there for them; that you'll always be on call, resting in a warm and special place in their heart. Notice as your own body calms and relaxes. Through this exercise we recognise that though we're not able to change the events of the past, we can certainly change our PERCEPTION of those events. Energetically, this changes everything. Like a wave rippling backwards, we erase those old patterns in the sand and create new, supportive patterns. How? Like-Energy attracts Like-Energy. When we clear out old misperceptions, old Stories of suffering (Energy in dense form), we begin attracting (because we are electro-magnetic beings) the people, places, things and situations that accord with a more aligned, peaceful, abundant, and loving life. Go on! Try it! 

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