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Is your boss, colleague, partner giving you a hard time? Your gripe may be valid, but what part do you play in the unfolding drama? Everything we put out in terms of our thoughts, beliefs, actions, eventually comes back to us. The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Karma. Often these laws are seen as divine retribution: 'What ye shall do unto others so shall (in time) be done unto ye.' These are our human interpretations of Universal Law; our basic human desire for justice and comeback . But the Universe is a neutral system seeking only balance; it doesn't work within our legal or moral frameworks. Since everything is Energy, including our thoughts and beliefs, which lead to our actions; and since we are Electro-magnetic beings - Like-Energy always attracts Like-Energy. Simply put, whether we interpret our life experiences as good/bad/right/ wrong is neither here nor there. When we view another person as 'deceitful/uptight/glutinous/vengeful/untrustworthy/indiscreet, etc.' what we are doing is peering through the mirror they are holding up to us, at our own selves. More specifically, in looking into that mirror we are recalling past unresolved Stories in our own lives; those times when we have behaved in a similar way to the other person - though the degree or outcome of our behaviour may have been different. Perhaps you abhor untrustworthy politicians, but there was the time you claimed extra expenses at work, even though you knew it was wrong. Maybe you are disapproving of your friend's infidelity, but when you were a teen you obsessed and lusted after another friend's partner. We condemn murderers, yet who hasn't, including many vegetarians and vegans, in the past, eaten cheap meats coming from appalling slaughterhouses. We may have forgotten these times, be in denial of them, or see ourselves as reformed characters... but the past has a way of catching up with us and demanding resolution. What we see and react to in others is a reminder that there is work to be done on our own character or in making peace with the Past. This has nothing to do with payback or the need to feel remorse or guilt. It has everything to do with seizing the mirror-opportunity to turn the pointing finger away from others in examination of our own self for self-growth and deeper understanding of our own past actions. Instead of becoming the victim and reacting defensively when someone next presses your buttons, how about shifting your perception of the situation by asking an empowering question? Is that person holding a mirror up to me, not to threaten, irritate or annoy me, or even to call out my own bullshit, but to point to reflections in my life where I am ready to evolve to my next Highest Self? Go for it! 

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