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MAYA ANGELOU decided at the age of 8 that her voice was so powerful it had killed a man. As a result, she stopped speaking. That man was her mother’s lover who had gone to prison for one day and a night after raping the young Angelou during one of her visits to her mother, living in another State. Angelou had made the vow after the guilt and shame of overhearing a policeman on the doorstep announcing that the man had been found dead (probably kicked to death by Angelou’s male relatives). She remained mute for 5 years until both her and her brother left the care of their paternal grandmother to permanently live with their mother. Had Maya never had the opportunity to resolve the Story, soothed by the healing balm of her mother’s Love, she may have remained mute for the entire rest of her life. Such is the hypnotic power of unresolved Stories; and such is the ease by which their powerful hold can be released. Healing cannot be achieved without calling into play that highest of healing frequencies, Love. Love entrains the lower and more dense frequencies of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, blame, etc., into the higher healing state of Neutrality. No healer heals their client; the body’s own infinite chemical Wisdom heals itself - but only once the brake of the destructive Story is released, allowing the human organism to return to its own natural Flow and Equilibrium.

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