People often come to see me when they're feeling beached, stranded or washed up in life. In other words. Stuck. ‘Stuck' can take four kind of forms: 

PHYSICALLY STUCK - there is some kind of pain or disability preventing you from moving forward in life. Literally or figuratively. You're stuck taking medication; stuck at home/in bed/on your back/in hospital/in a wheelchair; in a work situation; in an unhealthy relationship; an overweight body...

MENTALLY STUCK - you're stuck with morbid/obsessive/damaging thoughts; stuck with numbness or nerves and unable to pass a test or exam; stuck endlessly replaying an event from the past; stuck in addictive behaviour; stuck in a poverty mindset...

EMOTIONALLY STUCK - you're stuck with uncomfortable or debilitating feelings of grief, anger, rage, fear, regret, shame, guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, helplessness, sadness, abandonment, rejection, terror, depression...

SPIRITUALLY STUCK - you're stuck not knowing your life's purpose; stuck in a confused place about spirituality or your God/religion; stuck in a limbo between the will to live and the desire to die...

As we now know, ‘Everything is Energy; Energy is Everything.’ Simply put, these ‘stuck’ situations represent dense states of Energy whose natural Flow has been disrupted. Like a stone beached in wet sand, struggling to dissolve into the flow of the mighty ocean, likewise, Energy seeks to return to Source. As we resolve our Story our Energy shifts and our frequency changes to a higher vibration. Immediately, we start to magnetise differently. People, Places and Things begin to change around us in accordance with our no longer attracting the same dense frequencies of those disempowering Stories of the past. Once more in sync with the In-and-Out Flow of universal Energy we can already feel the subtle difference - the peace, vibrancy, health, equilibrium! We see that with our letting go, the waves have caressed and dislodged the stone back into the currents... back into the ethereal vastness of Source. 🙏🏼 

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