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Prior to considering an alternative healing session people are often confounded by questions, doubts and negative self-talk🤔 Unlike the open acceptance of babies, children and animals - all our cultural expectations, emotional barriers, social defences, mental resistance, adult suspicions and religious conflicts can come into play. “How does this work?; how could this possibly help me?; is this based on any science?; am I wasting my time here?; am I a fool for even considering this?; will I get my money’s worth?;am I being taken advantage of?; I don't believe in this... does lack of faith matter?; is this something my God would ordain?; but I have such deep issues...; if by some fluke I am healed it’ll mean having to return to work... losing all my support... financial assistance... all the sympathy I’ve become accustomed to; it’ll mean my illness was all in my head, that I was just making it up...; what will that say about me?; who will I become if I’m no longer ‘the sick person?’, am I ready to make so many changes in my life?; but my doctor says I'm incurable... that this is a serious lifelong issue...”😖 It’s a wonder some people even get through the initial phone call, never mind the front door! Sometimes we simply have to hold onto our hats and take a dive into the unknown! Dare yourself to be different! You could be pushing on a strange door that opens out upon not just better health, but the freedom of your Soul!

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