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Do you sometimes feel sluggish, heavy, demotivated, de-energised, and not know why? When it’s sunny and bright outside, do you only notice the darkness within? Could it be an Old Story that is responsible for how you’re feeling right now? Unprocessed or unresolved Stories from the past drain the body of Energy. Whether we are conscious or unconscious of these Stories, their effect is to zap our life-force, leaving us vulnerable to emotional discomfort, disease, premature aging, and early death. Think of an unnecessary app or programme running in the background of your smart phone. It’s not immediately obvious it is running, but the effect on your battery life is evident. Overloading will eventually lead to inefficiency of the phone’s operation and then breakdown or battery death. When you close that app, you automatically lengthen your battery life; when you reboot, you enliven the phone’s operation. Humans are no different. Old Stories affect our Energy by draining our batteries. There comes a time for all of us to Delete all that💩. 

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