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HEART WALLS: When we experience pain and suffering in life, we tend to react to our vulnerability by building protective walls of emotion around our Heart. For example, we may become bitter or fearful in order to unconsciously keep out the prospect of future Love; or we may display a jealous or stubborn streak to shield ourselves from a repeat of the past. In other words, we find ways to control future life experiences in order not to feel the pain again. Unfortunately, this is where our problems begin. As we respond to life from the barricade of our Heart Wall, we treat each subsequent person or new situation as if we are still reliving past hurts. We keep a watchful eye and guard ourselves with suspicion, doubt, judgement, anxiety or anger. These reflex actions stunt our personal success and cripple our capacity for experiencing the fullness of our own potential. Through loneliness, isolation, miscommunication and a string of failed relationships we soon learn that we cannot escape our original pain and suffering. We ultimately grasp that by blocking the natural in-out rhythms of the Heart we cut ourselves off from the flow of the subtle Energy that sustains our life-force, our health and wellbeing. On the other hand, when we expose, acknowledge and Delete the Stories that caused us to create these Heart Walls in the first place, we no longer carry the past into our present; and we move more easily into our future and our widest capacity for happiness in this lifetime.

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