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Do you sometimes close your eyes, look up, and ask for Guidance from Higher powers - God/Universe/Spirit/Light/Guardian Angels, etc? Do you find yourself framing your questions in a ‘should I/could I’ format? “Should I go out tonight? Could this guy be the One? Is it wrong for me to have this extra portion?” Guess what? The Universe is indifferent to your personal choices. It does not care a jot whether you are a constant raver, a singleton or overweight. When you ask a question the Heavens respond along purely binary principles confirming Truth: Yes/No; On/Off; Strong/Weak. “Yes, this is the month of November; No, the sun is not shining; Yes, your knee is inflamed; No, you are not allergic to pears.” In other words, your Higher Self does not compute questions framed by way of judgement. Our God loves us unconditionally no matter what we are, seek, have, do or lack. No action we take on our life’s journey is either Right or Wrong; Good or Bad. Every single aspect of our life is an opportunity for growth and learning - so where is the Mistake, the Wrong Turn, or Time Wasted? If you want a more revealing response when posing a question to your Higher power, try: “Is this (action/decision/choice) for my Highest Good?” “Will this (action/decision/choice) take me to my next Highest level?” Be warned, though. Sometimes the answer we receive may not be the one we expect or desire. Our disappointment, however, will stem only from the fact that we lack the long vision of our Highest Good. Being fat or single might be exactly where we need to be right now in our mortal existence for our Highest expression of Learning and Growth,  on this infinite journey through life. 

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