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We’re all now familiar with Einstein’s formula - E=MC2. Everything in the known universe is Energy; Energy is Everything! Including our Stories! An unresolved Story from the past is nothing more than Energy that has become dense and slow-moving. This dense formation creates an Energetic disruption in the invisible Electro-Magnetic (auric) field surrounding the Human Body. A passing thought (‘I wonder what I should eat?’) is nothing more than fleeting Electrical activity of the brain (Energy moving in and out of the auric field); whereas a troubling thought or Story (‘I have no prospect of feeding myself’) connects with the Energy of the heart to become Magnetic (Emotional) in nature. In other words, instead of returning to Flow, the Energy of the thought hangs around our aura, attracting other Energies of a similar vibration (‘I may never eat again [fear] I have no family to support me [self-pity]; I am alone with no friends’ [anxiety]). This expansion of slow-moving Energy soon manifests as a visceral feeling in the body so that when we recall the troubling Story (even though our circumstances may have changed - we now have plenty to eat), we experience physical sensations - tension headache, racing pulse, stomach cramps, tightening of the throat, etc.

During a healyourStory session, though the client is simply lying back on the couch they become aware of a range of curious sensations, anything from temperature fluctuations to tingling to physical discomfort to seeing colours or visions What they are experiencing is the Energy of the old Story shifting out of its dense state and returning to Universal Flow. During impromptu healings I sometimes touch the person very lightly on the shoulders to demonstrate my connection to her (though, as in my One-to-One Skype sessions, I could just as easily be separated from her in another room, another postcode, or even another continent). I align with Source Energy by dropping down from my (thinking) mind into the (unthinking/receiving) zone of the Heart. The person instantaneously connects with the ‘the field’. I ask him/her to recall the troubling thought and Universal Flow immediately dissolves the structure of the old paradigm ie Story. In other words, the infinite, invisible Intelligence of the universe collapses the frequency of the original unsupportive thought that had manifested into the dense Energy pattern of an unresolved Story. As the client experiences this ‘shift,’ the brain, unable to process the faster-than-Light speed of the change (Information), momentarily ‘flips out,’ causing the physical body to temporarily weaken. This is what the involuntary swaying or falling backwards, forwards or sideways is all about. What a cool and Magical Universe we live in!

[The picture is of me with the late Bobby Womack. He swayed so much he had to reposition himself so that he could be near a wall!]

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