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“When you’re tired of how you feel, let Jesus take the wheel.”

I heard this high-spirited gospel song recently and it made me think about when we are not in a place of strength, who or what we can lean on to shift our emotional state. (I don’t ascribe to any religion, by the way). Whenever you’re feeling dispirited, depressed, despondent, de-energised and it seems impossible to dig yourself out of your own emotional trench (maybe you’re feeling this way right now?), there’s a very quick and simple solution you can apply to re-energise. Say YES! Say it with force and say it LOUD and out loud. YES! is a high-vibrating word that, like a reset button, has the power to bring you back into alignment with yourself. At this very moment, you may be feeling too hopeless to want to believe this could even work for you, but the power of the method is in not analysing for any possible future effects. Say YES! in the blink of an eye, before you have time to think the next thought. Say YES! as a reflex action. Say YES! as a punctuation. Say YES! even if you feel foolish. Say YES! and catch yourself unawares. Jump with both feet into the Energy of YES! Override any objections and, like a person possessed, just DO it! Punch the air with YES! Now! No-one is asking for you to deny or to even give up your hopelessness or your right to feeling the pain of your situation. You have every right to pick up that emotional state again, straight after the YES! But when you feel the energising electrical charge of YES!, you might just want to do it again. And again. And the more times you do it, and feel the effects, you might begin to realise that moment-by-moment-by-moment this is how we create our human reality. This is how we shift in and out of our emotional states. This is how we break the spell. Like a blockbuster movie of your own life, you have the power to create the next frame and the next frame of your very existence. Seize the moment to become the Director of your own Story. Re-set your state. Empower yourself. Say YES!!! Do it! NOW!

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