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Check out any medical dictionary for any major disease or ailment, from cancer to asthma to diabetes to arthritis. You will find each condition appended by advice such as 'Cause unknown...' or 'Exact cause not clear...' Yes, doctors understand and can medically describe the process of how symptoms manifest in the body, but the actual root cause of disease still evades the medical profession - which is why the standard approach rests on alleviating or treating symptoms by eg. lowering pain, inflammation or temperature, whilst trusting the body to make its own healing adjustments.

Yes, it is the body itself and no healer who heals you - whether physician or alternative therapist. And the truth of disease is as timeless as it is simple. The mind creates every aspect of the physical. Every physiological condition is a manifestation of unresolved Stories embedded in the mind and relayed to every cell in the body - as cellular memory. We intuitively know this. We live with and constantly FEEL every emotion of our rearing-up, unresolved Stories of the past (thumping heart, stomach ache, tense shoulders, throat lump, headache, breathing difficulties, etc). These emotional triggers result in a cascade of 'negative' chemicals - adrenaline, dopamine, glucose, cortisol - that play havoc with the normal functions of our immune system and increase our tendency towards disease. When we present ourselves to the medical establishment, the underlying emotional cause of our issue is hardly ever addressed. The most that will be alluded to is that handy catch-all - ‘Stress.'

Yet, the disease is never the problem in itself. Disease is merely the symptom of the problem; the body's way of communicating to us that a persistent negative belief stemming from an unresolved Story needs to be addressed. We tend to get bogged down by the many medical labels, but once we address the Story, we address the issue. This results in negative chemicals no longer flooding the body in fight-flight-freeze mode; the body's immune system no longer being blocked; and the body's natural processes unimpeded in resolving the condition.

We create many Stories over a lifetime, it's what humans do. Those that matter in terms of our health and wellbeing, are those that become imbedded in our cellular memory. These Stories are either buried in our subconscious and 'forgotten'; lie just beneath the surface of our awareness, occasionally popping into our consciousness; are too painful to recall; or are unwittingly seen as being benign as we have become so accustomed to the discomfort of their effects. The determining factor is always whether our Story is causing an emotional charge - whether this charge is either consciously or unconsciously felt.

The lesson? Heal the Story!

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