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Desires. Wants. Needs. Obsessions. Our lives are consumed by the mismatch between how our lives could BE and how our life actually IS. We yearn for Happiness but the yawning gap between BE and IS becomes the breeding ground for our own discontent and Unhappiness. Happiness, therefore, is guaranteed to be always out of reach. Once we attain the bag, hat, gadget, house, holiday, car, income... we simply create another gap to ensure that Happiness, once again, becomes beyond the pale. It’s simply human nature. So, how do we fix it? How do we ensure Happiness stays within our grasp? 1. Take a moment to think about that list of material possessions and ideal situations that, if only you could attain them, your life would be complete.

2. Now, think of what it is that you have in your life Right Now for which you are forever grateful. As well as the obvious tangible possessions it could be eg. an awareness of your good health, your wonderful friends, the safety of your children, your puppy’s playful joy, the sun rising in the sky, etc. My favourite is to be in gratitude for waking up in a peaceful country without the terror of bombs dropping overhead; the fresh drinkable water gushing from my taps; the fact that a simple flush of the toilet relieves me of the gross burden of having to deal with human waste, a chore that so many people in the world cannot take for granted. Pretty soon your mood will shift to a higher vibration. You’ll feel lighter, more appreciative, centred, Happier. The secret of Happiness, therefore, is to recalibrate your human emotions each time yearning, avarice or jealousy clouds your vision. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aspire for the wonderful things in life, it just means that your state of Happiness is not conditional or dependent upon these things. When these things do come into your life, rather than filling an insatiable gap, they will be a Bonus to the Happiness you are already feeling. Be Happy!✌🏽

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