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Time/Space is non-existent where the movement of Energy is concerned! And since All is Energy, Every part of you is boundless and connected to everything ‘out there’ - including to me! It’s not weird, it’s science - Quantum Science! You too can remotely receive powerful One-to-One healing effects from here in London to anywhere in the UK... or the world! . “The healing continued intensely for hours after Carmen had hung up. Since the healing two weeks ago I have lost half a stone and given up tea ...I used to drink 20- 25 cups a day. After three days I felt well enough to run a mile and swim 30 lengths.” (Birmingham) . “During the healing I felt great warmth and a sparkling blue light which turned green over the whole abdominal area. After 10 minutes I passed the gas I need to urgently pass which was giving acute pain after the abdominal surgery. This is distance healing in the truest sense of the word!” (Australia) . “Despite the morphine his pain was 7/10. I instructed that I would send some initial healing down the phone... he responded that he could feel tingling around his face. I identified the mental/emotional root cause of the issue and focused the healing in this area. Within 20 minutes his pain had plummeted to zero! (Miami) . “Thanks for the incredible 2nd Skype session we had. It was so physical: the most intense and sustained sensation I felt was like being sucked in by some sort of giant aspirator from above on the left side of my head. I saw pyramid-like shapes and at times it felt my head was taking the shape of a pyramid! I saw shades of blue and green, colors I am not sure I have seen before.” (Mauritius) 

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