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When a client comes to me with an issue, one thing is always guaranteed. The problem is never the ‘thing’ presented on the table, it’s always the ‘thing’ lurking beneath the table. . It’s not the bad back or the painful separation or the inability to lose weight or the fear of heights or the bronchitis or allergy or hypertension. It’s the unresolved Story that created the pattern of pain and suffering in the first place. . It’s the parents who fought and argued without seeing that we existed; the teacher who dropped us from the school team; the near-drowning we experienced age 8; the doting grandmother who died next to us in her sleep; the Home the family was forced to leave; that time ‘Uncle’ read us a bedtime story... . When we Delete the original Story, something miraculous happens. Like having all four legs kicked away from underneath, the entire Table, top and all, collapses into a heap. Never to be reconstructed again. 

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