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There comes a time in life when it’s TIME... Time to LET GO. No matter what others have done to or against us; no matter whether we are in the right and they are in the wrong; no matter how much has already been invested; no matter even if those who hurt us will ‘get away with it.’ 🕰 No matter what the Story... it’s now TIME to lower the gauntlet, lay down the load. It’s TIME to vacate the pain and suffering of past events. It’s TIME to end the toxic hating and loathing. It’s TIME to give up on the insatiable anger, regret, resentment, retribution, yearning that is eating us alive. There’s an incredible dawning that comes with the calling of TIME: There is everything to gain... and no price to pay! Do it NOW. Call Time on the bitter, futile battle of your Inner Self. Reclaim Freedom, Joy, Life! It’s Time.⌛️ 

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