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HEALING THROUGH QUANTUM-SPEAK: The quantum realm is a world of infinite potential, where any possible outcome is available at every moment. This invisible realm exists outside of time/space, not yet a reality in the concrete/material/physical dimension. The act of observing this Spirit realm collapses the wave of invisible probabilities into a particle of visible reality (‘Observer Effect’). In other words, what was pure potential becomes manifest in a specific space/time as a single electron or photon (the stuff that makes up matter and light). This phenomenon (‘Wave Function Collapse’) describes the supernatural world being brought into the natural world; the immaterial into the material; the seen into the unseen. In simple terms... we create what we see/think/intend. HEALING CASE STUDY: 1) A client’s painful, debilitating 8 year sciatica issue is traced to a single moment in time (‘Wave Potential’) when she had a conflict concerning her mother. 2) Observing that ‘wave event’ with the Intention of Deleting it, destroys the energetic bonds of the Story (‘Wave Funtion Collapse’). In other words, the invisible which manifested into the visible 8 years ago, no longer has an energetic charge in the client’s physical reality. Result? After 8 long years, the sciatic back pain disappears - instantly! (real-life case-study from my testimonials)  

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