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A year ago I met a man on my travels. He was suffering from a serious illness and as fellow therapists we were exchanging treatments. I read his aura and told him that he was carrying a Story of childhood betrayal against his younger sister. The guilt was contributing towards his illness. He shook his head and obviously doubted me. He and his sister were very close. If he was suffering from guilt, wouldn’t he remember the incident? Just then his sister strolled towards us. The man recounted what I’d just said and his 50 year old sibling did something unexpected. His sister burst into tears and started sobbing. ‘Don’t you remember?’ she cried. She reminded him how at the age of 8 (the age I’d specified) he’d tricked her into ‘winning’ her beloved doll. She’d never forgotten. The man was dumbfounded as the long-forgotten memory slowly began to surface. He couldn’t believe the visceral anguish and remorse he was suddenly feeling. He was equally shocked by the depths of despair his sister had been carrying for all those decades over a doll. But, of course, it wasn’t about a doll. In that moment, two people were healed of their shared Story. We don’t always have to remember our unresolved past for it to be having real effects on our mind, body and soul. But it really is never too late 🙏🏾Heal your Story. 

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