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Her life was in tatters, her family destroyed. She was so distraught she could hardly breathe. It had come totally out of the blue - discovering her husband’s affair. All the shock, outrage, anger, fear, worry, sadness, anxiety created a vortex of painful emotions she couldn’t control. The FIRST session was like a sponge, mopping up, Deleting and neutralising these emotions. 🖤 By the SECOND session she was experiencing clarity and calm. She could see the steps required to dissolve the 20 year marriage. What she needed was a good divorce lawyer. 💔 By the THIRD session a Light came on inside that filled her senses. She could see so clearly how her own unresolved Story had played a significant part in compromising the marriage over many years; how her husband’s unforgivable behaviour was in fact an expression of pain and suffering due to his own unprocessed Story. 🧡 By the FOURTH session, after the Deletion of her Story, the couple were communicating with one another, expressing a tenderness, openness, and understanding that had long been absent in their marriage. 💗 Within a matter of weeks, the couple’s marriage is back on track. Though nothing in this Life of constant challenges is ever guaranteed, for now, there is no more anger, no more talk of disgust and betrayal, and the divorce lawyer was never called. So, what happened?

❤️ Though we can’t change the past, we can change our perception of the past. This change shifts our Energetic frequency. Harmony and balance is restored in our internal, and thus external, world. We begin to attract differently: people, places and things, resonate at a higher vibration in our lives... including our partnerships. 🙏🏾Heal your Story. Heal your relationships. 

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