After a session when there is miraculous healing of pain, sometimes there is a seeming setback when the pain ‘RETURNS.’ 😩 Chronic physical pain is often the sign of years upon years of build-up of underlying emotional pain. When the first Energetic layer is removed, physical relief might be followed by deeper layers of Story revealing itself. But the ‘return’ of pain is never what it seems. There is always a subtle variation; an indication that you are experiencing a different aspect of the same physical problem: the process of the body healing itself. 😖 It may have taken decades to manifest your condition, and many years of being on pain relief medication. Be patient. If it takes another two or three sessions to dissolve/delete the build-up of a chronic condition, it is worth the process. 😣 Everyone is unique. Your serious and deeply debilitating condition might be miraculously resolved in a single session (see my website testimonials); yet another person’s relatively ‘minor’ issue might reveal deep tentacles of Energetic disturbances requiring more than one session. One thing is certain for everyone, however - no matter what the results of the first session; no matter what your personal healing experience of that session - layers of Energetic disturbance are ALWAYS being removed. In other words, your seeming setback, is merely a comeback in disguise. Keep the faith! 😌 

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