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Each day we gather Stories and accumulate emotions that do not support us. Someone jumps the queue at the supermarket; a car cuts us off in traffic; a friend says something unkind; your son’s football shatters the window pane; you lock ourself out of the house; your work colleague dumps on you; you step on dog-poop in your brand new trainers; the postman delivers an unexpected bill; your builder rips you off; you and your partner argue...

😖 In the wider scheme of things these are all unimportant trifles, but emotions still flare up - anger, fear, sadness, frustration, irritation, helplessness. You feel the presence of these emotions in your head, chest, heart, throat, stomach, back, shoulders, etc. Sometimes the feelings fade and pass of themselves; other times we purposely or unwittingly store the Story in the very fibre of our being - issues in our tissues.


I have learned to both acknowledge my unsupportive emotions and, using tools and techniques, release the electrical charge (which is all that emotions are!) from my body. My aim is to consciously and, as quickly as possible, return to a state of peace, calm, contentment, evenness. 

😱 When we are realigned with Neutrality this means that we are back in the flow of the body’s own bio-electric-hormonal system of repair/growth/maintenance... equipped and ready to face the next Story to ruffle our feathers. We have the power to do this! 🤬 Value your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Healing is a lifelong process. No Story is worth the disruption of your Energetic Flow. Feel the Feelings for sure, rather than suppressing them, but don’t choose to be an indefinite hostage to draining emotions!  

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