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I CANNOT CHANGE what occurred yesterday. I cannot change the stories of my childhood. I cannot change what you did to me. I cannot change what I didn’t or couldn’t do for myself. I cannot change what I didn’t know or could not know. I cannot change what happened, did not happen or should have happened back then... 

Therefore 〰️

Whilst I recognise that what has been done can never be undone, I have the POWER, in this moment, to choose how I embrace the experience of my past.

Therefore 〰️

Whilst I do not condone what you did/didn’t, couldn’t/wouldn’t do or say, I FORGIVE you for loving me enough to show me the hard lesson I came here to learn. I now affirm that I am no longer in need of that lesson. I choose to be free of that old Story. 

Therefore 〰️

In this PRESENT moment I choose the pursuit of new Stories. Stories to satisfy the pain and hunger of my PAST. Stories to enrich my FUTURE with precious memories that feed my Soul. Amen🙏🏾 

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