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Clients often say to me, “But how would I have known I was carrying this Story? In other words, “Do I need someone like you every time to help me with my issues because the source lies in another lifetime; is buried deep within my subconscious; is connected to my ancestry/DNA; occurred when I was too young to remember?” The answer is - there is a way to live an unencumbered life free of past Stories. If we all mastered the art of living in this Present moment, then neither past regret/trauma nor worry about the future would affect our daily existence. ⌛️ Unfortunately, living in the Now is not easy. We all grapple with a monkey mind; life has a way of taking us out of mindfulness; Shit happens and destroys our best intentions. But it’s not impossible to at least attempt to increase the amount of time we stay Present. Try this today and see how you go: Whenever you catch your mind drifting into either past or future thoughts, gently bring it back to the present. Coax it. Again and again. It won’t be easy, but you’ll discover a peacefulness that might persuade you to pursue this exercise as a new approach to reducing pain and suffering in your life. ⌛️ 

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