We all feel some sense of relief when we can share or open up about our problems; even more so when we are engaged in a therapeutic exchange. But when it comes to deep and speedy healing, discussion alone can never be enough. ūüó£ Over the years a number of clients have sought my help after weeks/months of receiving treatment at that prestigious institute, The Priory. After only a session or two they saw changes and experienced relief they never could have imagined. How? ūüó£ Trauma is always encoded in the BODY. Our subconscious is the gatekeeper to accessing that trauma. It doesn‚Äôt matter how many times the conscious mind seeks and pleads and begs for help, if the subconscious believes that it is a survival issue to access past trauma, then no amount of talking or convincing or rational argument is going to assist. ūüó£ Every cell in the body stores the memory of everything we ever did. That‚Äôs why when we recall an unresolved traumatic event we immediately ‚Äėfeel it‚Äô in parts of our body as headache, nausea, joint pains, tummy gripe, muscle tension, etc. Even when the conscious mind has seemingly no access to, or has erased the memory, past trauma is still very much active in the body. ūüó£ Through the autonomic nervous system, the subconscious controls 95-99% of who and what we are and holds the key to our mental, emotional and physical health. The 1-5% rational logic of the conscious mind cannot hope to override this power-block. ūüó£ The subconscious continually communicates with us non-verbally, via the body. In order to unlock past programming and liberate unresolved Stories we MUST speak through¬†the body. Always, always!¬†

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