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An unprocessed Story was preventing ‘Sophia’ (not her real name) from healing her various medical conditions for which she had recently been hospitalised. ⬆️ The Story was the day she sustained head and leg injuries after getting hit by a bus whilst getting out of a cab. Even though this happened 16 years ago, ‘Sophia’ still couldn’t tell the Story without getting upset. Weeks of medication had been unable to reduce her blood pressure (BP). Though the systolic had gone from a 230 to 203 it was still dangerously high! ⬆️

During the 20 minute Energy session ‘Sophia’ experienced all sorts of visceral sensations and reactions in various parts of the body - leg, head and toes as you would expect but also in the eyes, colon, bladder, left side and bladder (she had to relieve herself TWICE during the 20 mins). In addition, stuck, unprocessed emotions flared up - anger, sadness, regret, fear and helplessness. ⬇️ After the Skype session, during which these physical and emotional triggers were ‘Deleted,’ ‘Sophia’ was able to tell the Story in all its shocking details, but with an objective sense of calm, distance and neutrality - a direct indication that the CNS was no longer being triggered by the memory of that trauma. ⬇️ Her body immediately went into ‘homeostasis’ - a state of natural self-healing. As a direct result, ‘Sophia’s’ morbidly high BP dramatically plummeted to NORMAL levels overnight! 🙏🏾

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